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NEW! Protection Plans for smartphones up to 9 months old

June 23, 2015

Your smartphone is like a physical extension of your mind—it’s your organization and planning, it adds to your creativity and even acts as a form of personal expression. It’s your communication with the outside world and your access to networks of family and friends. If you are anything like us, you’re glued to it. Checking emails, text and calls. Hopping on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what the world is doing today. Consumers spend an average of 3.3 hours per day on their smartphones, so it’s no wonder it feels devastating and lonely to go longer than a few hours without it.

That’s why we’re changing up our smartphone plan options. Now, you get up to nine months from the date of phone purchase to get Upsie protection! Our plan price stays the same: $49.99 for two years with accidental coverage. Phones purchased within 30 days will have a $25 deductible on their plans. If you wait after 30 days from purchase, you get up to 9 months to buy, but the deductible changes to $50. Phones must be in good condition, and you will still need to add a purchase receipt. But no matter when you decide to purchase your Upsie warranty, the plan starts on the purchase date of your smartphone. Just remember, you must wait 30 days before you can make a claim.

So, stop paying the phone carriers $8, $10 or $15.99 per month to protect your phone. Download Upsie and see how much you can save—even after a few months of ownership! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions.


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