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Photography Tips for Beginners

Hey everyone! My name is Jamie Hiner and I am a photographer and videographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Capturing beautiful visuals became a passion of mine while taking a vacation to the Rocky Mountains in college. I didn’t know very much about photography back then, but spent subsequent years learning everything I could and perfecting my […]

The Best Ways to Keep your Devices Safe at the Beach

It’s spring break season and roughly 53% of Millennials will be going on vacation this year. Cancun, Orlando and San Jose Del Cabo are the top three spring break travel destinations. What do they all have in common? Warm temperatures and sandy beaches! While you might love those two things, your electronic devices do not. […]

5 Things to Know Before Buying the Samsung Galaxy S9

#1: Dual Aperture Lens Some are saying that the S9 has the best camera on the market. This is because the rear camera has two aperture lenses that will switch automatically based on lighting. When it’s very dark, the F1.5 aperture lens allows more light in, so pictures come out brighter. Alternately, when it’s very […]

Upsie Oversubscribed in $1.7M fundraising round

Upsie is thrilled to announce that we officially closed our seed round of funding! This round will allow us to serve our customers by continuing to provide exceptional customer service, transparency and affordable prices. In order to do this, we will be hiring more top talent and significantly increasing our presence in the market. Fundraising […]

Techstars Retail – Week 2

Week #2 kicked off the first week of Mentor Madness, and madness it was! Think: 20-minute meetings with potential mentors, for 4 hours each day. The idea is to find a mentor that you can connect with and is interested in what your company is doing so that you are able to build a relationship […]