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Wedding technology trends

8 Wedding Technology Trends

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the temperatures are warm. You know what that means: wedding season! Check out these technology trends that are popular for weddings today.
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Referral cash

Summer Referral Cash Rewards

In the months of June and July, 2018 we’re offering you double the referral cash! Start referring your friends and family to stack up on up to $30 of referral cash.
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Upsie phone warranty

Should you get a phone warranty?

Follow this simple infographic to find out if you should get a phone warranty.
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Home Remodel Paint

How to Save Money During a Home Remodel

Whether you’re sprucing up one room or remodeling the whole house, these six money-saving tips will help you make it through your home remodel.
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How to Save Big Money on Your Electronics Warranty

Retailers are ripping you off whenever you buy a warranty at the store. They do this by over-inflating their prices and then selling these expensive warranties to you. That's why we created Upsie: to give customers a more affordable option.
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Smartphone Warranty Images

How to Save Over $200 When Buying a New Smartphone

This is the easiest way to save $200! It’s as simple as saying no to a smartphone warranty when you’re buying a new phone at the store and saying yes to an Upsie Warranty.
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Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography tips for beginners including an introduction to the exposure triangle (ISO, shutter speed, aperture), composition tips and best practices for protecting your camera gear.
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Devices safe at beach

The Best Ways to Keep your Devices Safe at the Beach

If you bring your electronic devices to the beach, these 7 tips to keep them safe from the sand, sun and water are for you.
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5 Things to Know Before Buying the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has finally arrived! Here are the top five things to know about it:
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Upsie Oversubscribed in $1.7M fundraising round

Upsie is thrilled to announce that we officially closed our seed round of funding!

This round will allow us to serve our customers by continuing to provide exceptional customer service, transparency and affordable prices. In order to do this, we will be hiring more top talent...
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Techstars Retail – Week 2

Week #2 kicked off the first week of Mentor Madness, and madness it was! Think: 20-minute meetings with potential mentors, for 4 hours each day. The idea is to find a mentor that you can connect with and is interested in what your company is doing so that you are able to build...
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Techstars Retail – Week 1

Everything we heard about Techstars leading up to orientation is that the accelerator program will be a lot of hard work. You will experience long days filled with meetings, long nights playing catch up, and more information than one person can possibly comprehend.
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3rd Party Cell Phone Insurance Concerns with T-Mobile's JUMP! On Demand

In late June of 2015, T-Mobile released their JUMP! ON Demand smartphone plan to consumers. This plan allows customers to switch phones up to 3 times per year through a lease agreement. One piece of concern that consumers have been facing is over the Premium Handset Protection...
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Cracked iPhone on Concrete

Smartphone protection is a good thing when it’s affordable

There it is, your phone lying on the ground because you forgot it was on your lap when stepping out of your car. You reach down, please not today, you think to yourself as you lift it up off the pavement. You turn it over and there it is… a screen full of cracked glass.
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Scare Tactics

Don't fall prey to scare tactics

Scare tactics are a type of fear-based advertising used to manipulate you into buying coverage you may not even need. These exaggerations are often repeated throughout the sales pitch in different forms to heighten your fears and influence you into making a decision based in emotions
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“Why don’t you charge more?”

Upsie was started with a very clear vision of creating a more positive warranty experience for customers. The industry’s unfortunate current state is not pleasant to endure. Contracts are full of murky terms and conditions purposely created to confuse people and create loopholes.
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Upsie named finalist for 16th Annual Tekne Awards

The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) has named Upsie as a finalist in the Startup category for the 2015 Tekne Awards, which will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Thursday, Nov. 18. The Tekne Awards honor Minnesota companies and individuals who have shown...
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Prime Day Savings

Pumped up for Amazon Prime Day!

We are squealy-excited about Amazon Prime Day on July 15th! Cool new gear at Black Friday prices. Shiny tech and geek-tastic gadgets—get in our grubby little hands already!
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