5 Best Poses for Wedding and Engagement PhotographyJul 23, 2019

Wedding season is in full swing! Whether you are about to get married or preparing for your engagement shoot, you are probably researching photography poses. If you’re a rockstar maid-of-honor or personal attendant, you’re probably doing the same. Here are five of my top wedding and engagement photography poses for the bride and groom!

Bride Peaking Over Her Flowers

This pose is all about the bride. It is a stunning composition with the focus on the bouquet and the bride’s stunning eyes. The bride should hold her bouquet in front of her face, and peak over it with her fiercest look. After the girls spend the whole morning getting their hair and makeup done, it’s important to capture all of that beauty and hard work! With a wide aperture, the narrow depth of field tends to create a very dynamic shot with this pose as well.

Wrap and Comfort

Typically, with this pose, the bride wraps her hand around the groom’s bicep, showcasing the ring. She should cuddle up close to him and get comfortable to try multiple variations: the groom looking at the bride while the bride looks at the photographer, both looking at each other, leaning in for a kiss, etc. One of favorite variations is having the bride lean her head up against the groom’s shoulder with her eyes closed. This makes her appear blissfully content and comfortable in her groom’s arms.

The Scenery

Every wedding venue or photography location has a unique style and accompanying scenery. With this style of photograph, you should release the landscape photographer within you! Typically, you want to create a beautiful composition first, and find a place in that composition to put the couple second. Use the rule of thirds and leading lines to position the couple in the perfect spot.

The Puzzle Piece

For this shot, I like to have the couple face each other. The bride should rest her head on the grooms chest, and the groom should rest his cheek on the brides head. Of course, this pose doesn’t work for all couples if the height difference is not large enough. If the bride and groom are close to the same height, try posing with their foreheads touching. Or have the couples embrace and take a picture of the brides eyes peeking over the groom’s shoulder. This creates a feeling as though they fit perfectly together, which creates a soothing and calming feeling.

Classic Twirl

This one is a classic, and for good reason. The groom should take his brides hand and hold it straight above her while she spins around. The goal is to get the dress to flair out so you can showcase the beauty of the dress in motion. In my opinion, that hardest part is twirling at the correct speed. Faster is not always better! Also remember to smile. Oftentimes couple are concentrating so hard that they have serious looks on their faces, not happy ones. Lastly, this is a great moving pose to incorporate into a scenery shot!
Get creative and apply variations to each of these poses. Don’t be afraid to try something completely out of your comfort zone, as it may turn out to be your best pose!
About the author: Jamie Hiner is a professional photographer and videographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He specializes wedding, real-estate, commercial and wildlife. Check out his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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