8 Wedding Technology TrendsJun 19, 2018

About 60% of weddings take place between May and October in the United States. It’s the perfect time to celebrate because you can be both indoors and outdoors. Hand in hand with celebrating comes technology. While the bride and groom are the main attraction at the wedding, technology is arguably just as important for some.

After all, copious amounts of money are spent on hair and makeup so we can get the perfect pictures, right? And did it really happen if you didn’t post a pic on social media?
As prominent as technology is in our lives, many weddings aren’t utilizing it to the fullest. If you’re planning a
wedding, consider using these 8 Wedding Technology Trends.

#1: Snap Filter


wedding technology trends

Offering a snap filter is the perfect way to add a special touch to wedding pictures. You can upload a custom design and text to the Snapchat platform and set a location and date for the filter to be live. Then guests can choose to use the filter when they take pictures and videos on Snapchat. They can send the snaps and/or save them to an album on their own phones. The saved images can then be shared on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

#2: GoPro’s

Use GoPro’s to capture the night from multiple perspectives!
Purchase a couple GoPro’s or borrow them from friends and family. Try placing a Go Pro in the bride’s flower bouquet or on the alter for a unique perspective of her walking down the aisle. After the ceremony, pass the GoPro’s out.  Ask guests to record messages and fun moments throughout the evening. You can then give the video footage to the wedding videographer to use in the wedding video that you will cherish forever!

#3: Online Album

Another thing that you will cherish forever is all of the pictures captured throughout the night. You’ll get great pictures from a professional photographer, but the pictures that friends and family capture are great, too! Instead of asking around and getting pictures after the wedding, set up an online album. Provide a URL to guests on their itinerary, or add a link to your wedding website. Throughout the evening, encourage everyone to upload their pictures to the online album, including the ones they took with the Snapchat filter!

#4: Selfie Sticks

You’re encouraging people to take pictures, so why not make it easier for them to do so? Purchase selfie sticks and put one on each table. Selfie stick are very affordable; you can find them on Amazon for just $10 per stick.

#5: Live Tweeting/Instagram
Wedding technology trends

It’s seems like everyone has a wedding hashtag these days. But how many guests actually click the hashtag on social media and look at the pictures? Try setting up a live feed at the wedding so everyone can see the pictures that are being posted in real time.  It will be a fun conversation starter while also encouraging people to share more pictures to remember the day. There are multiple programs that can host a hashtag campaign. Walls.io, for example, offers event based plans for occasions like weddings.

#6: Portable Chargers

You’re encouraging people to use their devices so make sure that they don’t die. My sixth tip is to provide chargers for your guests to use. Set up a charging station or pass out portable chargers for guests to use throughout the evening.

#7: Digital Guestbook

Guestbooks are fantastic ways to capture notes from wedding guests. But why use a physical guestbook when you can use an online one? That way, you can look at it anywhere and anytime. You won’t have to sort through boxes to find it when you want to look back at memories one day. Try My Digital Guestbook or install a comments app directly on your wedding website.

#8: Drink Maker

It’s pretty typical to have beer and wine at a wedding. But why not spice it up a bit for the more adventurous guests? Electronic drink makers can be purchased for $200. Flavor packets are sold separately and come in flavors such as Mai Tai, Appletini, Margarita and more.

Bonus Tip: Electronics Warranty

Nothing can be as stressful as breaking an electronic device that you use every day, such as a smartphone. If this happens during a wedding, it is the last thing you’ll want to worry about. By purchasing an Upsie protection plan, you won’t have to worry! Making a claim is super simple and the customer service representatives are really helpful.
It’s not necessary to implement all of these trends into your wedding plan, but adding a few of them will certainly add a special touch to the wedding. Happy Planning!