The Best Holiday Gift of 2018Dec 6, 2018

Holiday shopping can be stressful. It’s difficult to decide what holiday gift to give friends and family. Do you make something or buy something? If you’re buying, should it be something fun or practical? Something affordable or expensive?

Here at Upsie, we err on the affordable and practical side. That’s why Upsie is excited to recommend a warranty as the best holiday gift of 2018.

You can now purchase a warranty as a gift directly on the Upsie website. It’s easy; simply purchase the warranty as you normally would AND fill out the additional ‘Gifting’ section. You will also need to validate the warranty. Upsie will send your gift recipient an email with the gift on the date you enter in the ‘Gifting’ section.

Why a Warranty is the Best Holiday Gift

  1. It’s an added expense that many people pass on but wish they hadn’t when their device breaks.
  2. A warranty will make you, the gift giver, a hero when their device breaks and they don’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars to fix it.
  3. It completes a gift. If you’re already buying someone an electronic device, make the gift even better by protecting it, too. It’s a bummer when you receive a great gift and then have to buy something for it yourself.
  4. A warranty is useful. A ‘fluff’ present is fun when you receive it, but just takes up space when it gets brought home. A warranty lasts for years!

If you want to learn more about gifting warranties, click here. For any questions, feedback, etc. about gifting warranties, please shoot us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 612-400-9831.

Don’t forget to get your friends and family the best holiday gift this year: an Upsie warranty. Happy Holidays!


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