Best Radio Apps to Celebrate Radio DayAug 19, 2019

August 20th is National Radio Day! There are many streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify, that allow you to pick the exact song you want to listen to. However, they are not ideal for people who want to listen to a mix talk shows, music or plain ol’ “old-fashioned” radio. No matter what you prefer, here are some of the best apps to celebrate radio day to its fullest.


This very popular radio app gives its users the option to listen to multiple live radio stations. There are certain stations I love listening to here in Minneapolis, such as 101.3 KDWB and Cities 97.1. Sadly, the only time I used to listen to those stations were when I was driving in the car. Now iHeartRadio allows me to keep listening wherever I am! It’s a great app that any radio-listener will love.


Perhaps listening to music on the radio isn’t your thing. If this is the case, National Public Radio, or NPR, has your back. They offer an app that provides a constant stream of news programs and podcasts.  It’s great because it makes their content available wherever you are and whenever you want to listen to it. NPR One offers a personally-tailored NPR station that plays all your favorites, but also introduces you to new segments that you may like as well.

Pandora Music

The well-known Pandora  app may be the most popular radio app. It was one of the first music-streaming apps that became mainstream. Unlike other popular radio apps, you don’t need to select a certain station or program to play. You can create your own personal stations by entering the name of a song, an artist, or a genre of music. Pandora then finds music that relates to your personal station. Because of this, it’s a great way to discover new music without having to do all of the searching.


If you don’t care all too much for AM and FM radio, SiriusXM, the satellite radio company, may be right for you. This app has over 200 channels ranging from music to news sports to talk shows. Just like NPR One, SiriusXM creates personalized recommendations that only get smarter the longer you use the app.

You don’t need to just listen to these apps on the go. Connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker, like the Wonderboom or the JBL Flip 4, disconnect from your device and continue to listen to your radio app. I love doing this at parties or casual get-togethers so I do not have to create a playlist ahead of time or man the music during.

No matter if you’re listening from your smartphone, headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Make sure you protect your favorite devices for listening to your favorite radio apps. With Upsie, you’re able to protect your devices for up to 70% less cost than at the store. They also offer fantastic customer service and a super simple claims process. Learn more about Upsie here.

Happy National Radio Day!


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