5 Helpful Tips for Scoring the Best TV DealJan 7, 2020

If you passed on getting a new TV during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now is your chance! The Big Game is right around the corner and you’ll want a large screen to watch on. Even if you’re not into football, the commercials and halftime show are worth upgrading for. Keep reading for some tips to help you score the best TV deal.

TV Deals Are Great Before the Super Bowl

According to Consumer Reports, two weeks before the Big Game is when the second best TV deals of the year begin. In some instances, you can find even better deals. This is because retailers want to clear out their 2019 inventory for new 2020 models. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a 2019 model, especially when the price is right. Check out this list of TV Deals from Tom’s Guide.

Compare TV Prices

If you have your heart set on a Samsung TV, do yourself a favor and look at a Sony TV. Or, if you’ve had your eye on a Vizio TV, make sure to look at an Element TV. Many of these brands have incredibly similar models with similar features. You might be able to save a hundred bucks by switching to a different brand.
Furthermore, plan out what additions you’re going to purchase. For example, if you are planning on getting a sound bar so you can rock out to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during the Halftime Show, don’t focus on purchasing a TV with a great built-in audio system. Better audio will just raise the price of that 55 inch TV, which you do not need when you’re getting a sound bar.
Lastly, price match between stores. There’s nothing worse than buying a Best Buy TV just to find out that the same model was $40 cheaper at Walmart. Also, when you’re shopping, don’t be afraid to ask for deals. Do this in person or online using the live chat feature. Chances are that they will have a promo code or some sort of TV deal that you can take advantage of.

Skip the In-Store Warranty

TV warranties offered in-store can be marked up as much as 900%! In other words, they are way overpriced. Retailers love to sell them because they make a ton of money off of them. So say no to a warranty when you purchase your TV and check out Upsie instead. Upsie is an independent warranty provider whose mission is to make warranties affordable for all. After purchasing a warranty with Upsie, you are asked to upload a picture of your TV receipt. This makes the claims process quick and easy because they already have your TV’s information. In addition to protecting your new TV, you can protect your sound bar, blue-ray player, etc. Check out the Upsie TV warranty here!

Save Your Receipt

If your new TV drops further in price a couple days after purchasing it, bring the receipt back to the store. Chances are that they will honor the discount and give you a refund for the difference. You will also need that receipt to purchase a warranty from Upsie. After all, if you spend hundreds to purchase a new TV, you’ll probably want to protect it with the most reliable warranty company out there.

Order Accessories Online

TV accessories are rarely discounted because retailers make great margins off of them. They also know that, when people purchase a TV, they will also purchase their accessories at that time. Outsmart retailers and purchase your accessories online! An HDMI cord online will cost you a couple bucks versus $10-$20 in-store. The same goes for TV wall mounts and TV back lighting.
Good luck shopping for your new TV! We hope these tips will help you score a great deal on your new TV. Better yet, you’ll get that deal just in time for viewing the Big Game.

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