How to Form a Habit and Stick to Your GoalJan 9, 2020

The New Year is synonymous with goal setting. However, many people who set goals fail to actually form the habits needed to meet their goals. You do not want to be a part of the 92% of people who do not stick to their goals. In order to rise amongst the 8% of people who reach their goals, you’ll need a plan. Follow these tips to create a plan, form a habit and stick to your 2020 goals.

Focus on One Habit at a Time

Whether your goal is to form a habit or break one, you will undoubtably be more successful if you focus on one at a time. According to, a habit is, “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.” The keyword there is involuntary. If you are doing something without realizing it, that thing will be hard to stop doing.

This ideology is just as applicable to forming habits as it is to breaking them. After all, in order to make time to do something, you have to give up something in return. That could be giving up that one extra episode of Barry at night or giving up ordering groceries online so you can pick out ones that are actually in good condition.

Set Reminders to Help Form Your Habit

Have you heard of the saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit? Well, in reality, it can take anywhere between 18 and 254 days to form a habit. That means it can take you up to nine whole months of doing something daily to form a habit.
To start forming that habit, sprinkle reminders throughout your day. For example, if your goal is to stop drinking soda, put notes saying, ‘Do Not Drink!’ on the refrigerator or in the cabinet where extra cans of soda are stored. Additionally, if your goal is to work out, set alarms on your phone. One alarm should go off ten minutes before your workout time so you can get ready. Another should go off when your workout is supposed to start. A third can even be set for five to ten minutes into your workout time to motivate you if you have not started yet. Leave these reminders in place until you begin to realize you’ve started, or stopped, doing those things without being reminded of it.

Implement the Habit into Your Routine

After you finally feel like that behavior is a habit, integrate it into your routine. If your goal is stretching daily, do it every night when you change into your pajamas or after you brush your teeth. Select a behavior to attach your new habit to that you always do, no matter what. Alternately, set an alarm for the time of day you want to carry out your new behavior. This will create consistency so it becomes a new part of your routine.
Perhaps your goal was to save money by skipping the little additions in life. Now that you’re walking past the coffee store rather than stopping and saying no to the extra snacks at the grocery store, help the new behavior stick by taking it a step further. Meal prep on the weekends or night before so you never have an excuse for going out to lunch.
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Reward Yourself

Forming these habits to reach your newly discovered goals may prove to be difficult. If it wasn’t difficult to begin with, I doubt you’d be reading this far into the article. That’s why it’s a great idea to reward your progress in healthy ways. That means, if you’re trying to get healthier by cutting pop out of your diet, then rewarding yourself with a LaCroix is a good alternative. Another example is buying a new workout shirt after using your new home gym five days per week.
Remember that forming a habit to achieve your goal won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take time and some hard work. Whatever your goal may be, remember the three R’s: Reminder, Routine and Reward!
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