8 Great Mother’s Day Tech GiftsMay 8, 2019

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re having a hard time picking out a present for your mom. So, we compiled a list of our favorite tech gifts to help you decide what to get your mom for Mother’s Day.

Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 is the most popular smartphone of 2019 (so far). It comes in three models: S10e, S10 and S10+. A notch-less display allows for a larger screen with a fingerprint sensor built directly in to it. Wireless PowerShare is a brand new feature, which allows you to charge other Galaxy devices by simply touching them to each other. My mom loves her S10 and finds it fairly easy to use. To learn more about the different models, click here.

Google Nest Hub Smart Display

A framed photo is a great gift, but it’s limited to one picture. With the Google Nest Hub, all of your mom’s favorite photos can be displayed in one smart frame. Colors and brightness are adjusted automatically to pair nicely with the surroundings. However, the hub is not just a picture frame. You can connect thousands of compatible devices, such as lights and TV’s, and control them through the hub. Music can be played through the hub, as well. It’s a great device that your mom is sure to love!

Ring doorbell

I am the only person in my office without a Ring doorbell, which I’m sure will change soon. Everyone seems to love the convenience and security that these doorbells offer. Ring doorbells come in four different models; the most popular is the Video Doorbell 2. When someone approaches your door, it automatically starts a video that you can interact with in real time. For a lot of people, being able to see who is at the door before answering creates a sense of safety. Your mom will thank you when she can see her packages being delivered and no longer has to blindly open the door.

Apple watch series 4

Smartwatches are great, and the latest Apple Watch is one of the best. This smartwatch has the largest display yet so it’s easy to read. Not one feature was left out of its design, yet multiple features were added. Additions include a Proactive Health Monitor with fall detection, Emergency SOS and advanced heart rate monitoring. Prices start at $399, so it’s a bit on the expensive side. Mom is worth it, though, right?

Wireless Charging stand

Plugging in a phone may be the fastest way to charge, but it is not the most convenient. Simplify your mom’s life with a wireless charging stand. A stand, like the Anker Charger Stand, allows you to simply set your phone down to charge. No more fussing around with cords. They also make charging pads, which are just as convenient.

Temperature controlled mug

If your mom is always on the go, she will love a temperature-controlled mug! Mugs, such as the Ember mug, can maintain a perfect drinking temperature for one hour, or all day if left on a charging coaster. Never let mom burn her tongue again, as this mug comes with a LED indicator that lets you know when your beverage is too hot to drink.

Handbag illuminator

How many times have you stood there, twiddling your thumbs, as your mom searched for something in her huge purse? A handbag light will fix that problem by dramatically decreasing her search time. No more digging in darkness! The SOI light, and others like it, turn on when they sense a moving hand, and turn off after 10 seconds. Your mom will love this.

Upsie warranty

A warranty may not seem like the most exciting gift, but it is the most practical gift. If your mom’s new device is less than 60 days old (45 days for smartphones), you can get her a warranty protection plan for it. Upsie warranties are up to 70% less expensive than retailer warranties. The deductibles are usually lower, as well. Upsie customer service is excellent, so you know that your mom will be quickly served when the time arises for her to use the warranty. Check out warranty gifting here.

Whatever you get your mom for Mother’s Day, we hope she loves it. Happy shopping and Happy Mother’s Day!


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