How to Take Care of Your Holiday GiftsDec 23, 2019

I bet you’ve been giving and receiving quite a few holiday gifts lately. And, let’s be honest, you’ve probably gifted yourself a few, too. If any of those gifts are tech, you’re going to want to take care of and protect them. Why? So you don’t have to shell out money to rebuy or get them fixed down the road! Read on to find out how you can do exactly that.

Get a Receipt

There are some super easy steps you can take to start on the right path of protecting your tech. One of the easiest ways to protect both the gifts you give and receive this holiday season is to ask for the receipt. By asking for the receipt you open a door of avenues you can take to effortlessly take care of all of your gifts.
With this receipt in hand, you can use it to exchange your gift for a color or version that your prefer. For example, you could exchange your yellow Nintendo Switch Lite for a turquoise one or upgrade it to the original Switch. If it comes broken, you can exchange it for a new one.

Protect It with a Warranty

Not only will a receipt allow you to change up your new item, it will also allow you to purchase warranty protection. Just make sure it’s the original receipt that shows the purchase price, date, and store. The gift receipt usually will not work. A lot of people think that they can avoid warranty protection by just being careful with their new device. However, accidents can happen to anyone. If you’re looking for warranty protection for your new smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc., look no further. Upsie has your back!

Why Get Upsie

Upsie is an affordable warranty option for many of your electronic devices and appliances. You have up to 45 days to protect your smartphones, up to 11 months for your TV and appliances and up to 60 days for everything else.
After you purchase your warranty, you will want to activate it. This is as simple as uploading a proof of purchase (like that receipt we told you to get) and entering some simple information. Down the road, when your device breaks, making a claim is quick and easy because Upsie already have your device info. No looking for receipts in that junk drawer. Protecting your products has never been easier!

Purchase Protective Accessories

On top of warranty protection, we recommend getting a protective accessory. A case or protective screen can keep your device safe from falls. Some will also keep your device safe from natural elements like water, dust and dirt. Additionally, a protective screen will keep your device safe from cosmetic scratches. These protective accessories are available for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more. They compliment a smartphone warranty, tablet warranty and smartwatch warranty perfectly. Oh, and don’t forget that protective case for your laptop!
We hope you remember to protect your new holiday gifts this year. Happy Holidays!


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