Why Warranties Make Financial SenseNov 8, 2019

Consumer technology is the most popular shopping category over the holidays. Whether you’re shopping for your tech in-store or online, you will undoubtedly be presented with the option to buy a warranty for your new tech. The reason why you are always pitched a warranty is because retailers make huge profits off of them. Sometimes warranties are marked up as much as 900%!
When the markups are that high, it makes sense to look for warranties in other places. Companies that specialize in warranty sales tend to have significantly lower prices. For example, Upsie’s warranty prices are up to 70% less expensive than big box retailers. When the prices are that low, protecting your new tech with a warranty is the most practical decision you can make.

Warranty Repair vs Out-of-Pocket Repair

Purchasing warranties will save you from having to dish out large sums of money. After all, you probably already spend way too much money shopping over the holidays! Check out this price comparison between warranty company Upsie and a repair shop. This is for a non-screen repair on a smartphone priced at $949.


2-Year Warranty Deductible Repair Cost Total Price Cost Difference
Upsie $89.99 $75 $0 $164.99 -$259.01
Repair Shop $0 $0 $424 $424 +$259.01


If a large appliance or TV breaks, a technician will have to come out to your home to inspect it. Just the inspection can cost as much as $250! Look at this price comparison for repairing a TV that costs $900.


4-Year Warranty Inspection Repair Cost Total Price Cost Difference
Upsie $141.91 $0 $0 $141.91 -$308.09
Repair Service $0 $250 $200 $450 +$308.09


Compare Warranty Companies for the Best Price

Holiday shopping tip: say no to a warranty at checkout! Most people don’t know that you can purchase warranty protection later. For example, Upsie gives you 45-60 days after purchase to protect your new device. So, take your time and do some research before deciding on the best warranty plan for you.
We outlined a few warranty price comparisons for common tech purchases.


Upsie AppleCare Square Trade
2-Year protection $109.99 $199.99 $215.75
Deductible $75 $99 $149
Total Price $184.99 $298.99 $364.75


As displayed in this price comparison for the new iPhone 11, deductible prices vary greatly. If you have to search for the deductible price, it’s likely very high. In this is the case, that protection plan is probably not the best option for you. Check out this price comparison for a tablet priced at $899.


Upsie Best Buy Square Trade
2-Year protection $115.52 $179.99 $159.99
Deductible $25 $0 $75
Total Price $140.52 $179.99 $234.99


This price comparison is for a TV priced at $799.


Upsie Best Buy Square Trade
2-Year protection $78.72 $99.99 $89.99
Deductible $0 $0 $0
Total Price $78.72 $99.99 $89.99


If you decide that a warranty makes financial sense for you, make sure to compare companies on more than just price. Many companies require a product receipt in order to make a claim. But who actually saves their receipt these days?

Upsie has the Best Claims Experience

Upsie requires you to upload a picture of your receipt directly after purchase, when you still have it on-hand. Later, when you make a claim, Upsie already has all of the device information needed. No looking for receipts! Simply fill out a form online or call the claims line to file a quick, stress-free claim. Sign up for Upsie here!
In the end, if you’re still holiday shopping, make sure to do your research before you buy. And, if you buy new tech products, don’t forget to protect them with Upsie warranties.

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