Give the Gift of a Protected Device

How to Gift a Warranty

Warranty Gifting Steps
(for the gift giver)

  1. 1 Pick a warranty

  2. 2 While checking out, click the Gift Warranty toggle

  3. 3 Fill out all information in the gift warranty section and hit save

  4. 4 Complete the purchase as you normally would

It's that easy!

Your gift must be purchased at least 2 days before your desired gift delivery date. Once the gift is delivered your recipient will follow the Accept Warranty Steps below.

Accept a Gifted Warranty
(for the gift receiver)

  1. 1 Visit the Accept Gifted Warranty Page

  2. 2 Create an account or sign in

  3. 3 Fill out the transfer warranty form

Simple as can be

We'll transfer the warranty to the gift receiver within two business days of submitting the Accept Gifted Warranty Form.



Common answers to

Can I gift a warranty to anyone?

You can gift a warranty to anyone living in the United States.

Does the gift recipient need an account in order to be sent a warranty?

The gift recipient does not need an account to be sent a gift.

Does the gift recipient need an account in order to accept the gift?

Yes, the gift recipient will need to create an account in order to accept the gift and transfer it to their name. They will do this after they receive the gift via email.

If the gift recipient cancels the plan, who will receive the prorated refund?

The original gift purchaser will receive the prorated refund if no claims have been made.

Will the warranty always be in my name, or can it be transferred into the recipient’s name?

After the recipient accepts the warranty gift and creates an account/connects it to their account, it will be transferred to their name.

How far in advance do I need to purchase the warranty in order to gift it?

You must purchase the warranty gift at least 48 hours before your desired gifting date. We’re hoping to reduce this time in the near future!

When can the gift recipient make a claim?

The recipient cannot make a claim until 30 days after they’ve accepted the warranty and it was transferred to their account.

Do I validate the warranty or does the gift recipient validate it?

You must complete validation in order for the gift to be delivered. Validation must be completed 2 days before the scheduled delivery date.

How many days do I have from product purchase to buy the warranty I’m going to gift?

Smartphones must have been purchased within the last 45 days. Other products must have been purchased within the last 60 days.

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