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Buy coverage for your new Laptop up to 60-days after purchase

Laptop is not working
Price paid before tax:

2 Year Plan

2-Year Warranty
$25 deductible
See Coverage Details

3 Year Plan

3-Year Warranty
$25 deductible
See Coverage Details
Backed by the Upsie Promise
You will have 21 days to validate your warranty with proof of purchase. Otherwise we will cancel and refund your warranty.
Your laptop must have a valid manufacturer's warranty of at least 90-days.

Save up to 35% on Laptop protection when compared to the other guys.

Laptop Warranty
Best Buy®
Square Trade®
3-Year Accidental 3-Year Accidental
Deductible Deductible
Claims Only
Drops Drops
Liquid Damage Liquid Damage
Power Failure Power Failure
Hard Drive Failure Hard Drive Failure
WiFi Failure WiFi Failure
RAM Failure RAM Failure
Screen Failure Screen Failure
Prices as of 5/1/2017 (May be subject to change)
Based on a Laptop priced at $1149

Coverage details that will save you time and money for when life happens

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure

Your laptop stops working under normal-use conditions and is outside of the manufacturer's warranty.


Dropped your laptop? Cracked screens and broken internal components be gone!
Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage

Water and electronics don't mix. Have an accident and you'll be covered.
Power Failure

Power Failure

Your laptop fails at turning on. We can fix that.
Hard Drive Failure

Hard Drive Failure

When your hard drive takes a crash, you shouldn't have to.
WiFi Failure

WiFi Failure

Network card on your laptop failing means no internet for you. We will get you reconnected.
RAM Failure

RAM Failure

This is like your short-term memory...at times it can slow you down. We will help get you up to speed.
Repair Tools

And More...

Screen issues, bad charging port or speaker/sound issues? Upsie has your back!

Repair options to get you back to working order in no time

Shipping Container

Ship It In

Free round-trip shipping to be fixed at our certified repair center.
Shipping method is 2-Day. We will ship a box to you for safe travels for your laptop to our repair center.
Dollar Sign


If the cost of repair is not feasible we will replace your laptop. Free round-trip shipping is provided.
Laptop must be sent in for diagnostic testing before being issued a replacement. Shipping method is 2-Day.
Policies purchased 6/1/2016 or later.

Common answers to frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make on my laptop?
We will cover an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of the device. If you have a laptop with a purchase value of $999.99, and the repair costs are $249.99, then you would have $750.00 remaining in claims.
Where can I take my laptop for repair?
First we will ship a box to you to pack your laptop in. Then we will pay for round-trip shipping to and from our certified repair center. It will be diagnosed, repaired, and then sent back to you in working order!
If my laptop gets replaced, does my warranty come to an end?
Yes, having your laptop replaced ends the warranty on your device.
Can I buy a warranty on a used/refurbished laptop?
No, currently we only cover laptops that are brand new and in their original sealed package.
I just purchased my warranty, when can I make my first claim?
You will have to wait until the 31st day from when you purchased the warranty before you can make your first claim.
Do you cover my model of laptop?
Yes, we cover all models of laptops as long as there is at least a 90-day manufacturer's warranty provided.
My laptop was marked as an open-box item, will Upsie cover it?
As long as the open-box item is still under its original manufacturer's warranty, and it was bought from a store, then yes we can cover your item.

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