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November 10, 2015

Buying a home is one of your biggest investments, and a lot of expensive items come with the purchase. These appliances are vital to your home life: your ability to cook food with your family, do your laundry and even keep warm. In most cases, you get what comes with your home and sometimes that’s without knowing the full history of their condition. You have to ask yourself, “If these major appliances were to break at any given time, could I afford the repair or replacement costs?” Footing the bill alone for those big-ticket items can be daunting to consider, not to mention the confusing coverage terms and conditions you’ll need to wade through.

At Upsie, our goal is to educate and empower people to protect the items that are most important to them at coverage prices they can actually afford. And we believe the home is one of those top investments in need of a new, simple and affordable warranty option.

Today, we launch our Pick 6 home warranty. We’ve worked with our insurance partner to create an appliance plan that is flexible, customizable to your needs and—as always—affordable. We didn’t want to tell you what appliances to cover or add “throwaway items” like doorbells, dog bowls, etc. We want you to Pick 6! You choose the six items that matter most to your family and your budget, and you have the flexibility to change those items every year—regardless of their age, make or model.

So how does Pick 6 work? It has all the simplicity and convenience you’d expect from Upsie. And once you’re set up, you can easily manage and track your home warranty through the Upsie app. Go to upsie.com/homewarranty to sign up and find more info. The plan includes up to $1,200 allowance for repair or replacement (per appliance). That means, for example, if your $600 stove breaks, we will fix it or replace it up to that $1,200. It’s reassurance and peace of mind you can feel good about. And with a great service network, we are able to get any problems addressed quickly.

Features include:

• Up to $1,200 for repair or replacement (per appliance)
• $3,500 total spend in a 12-month period
• Homeowner’s choice of 6 appliances from list of eligible options
• No age limit on appliances
• Flexibility to change covered appliances each year
• Same-day scheduling
• World-class customer service
• Certified Repairmen
• 30-day wait period from start of plan to make claim
• Cancel at any time

We’re excited about this new offering, and we hope you are too! Let us know what you think about it or if you have any questions on our Facebook or on Twitter at @UpsieHQ.

To learn more about our Pick 6 home warranty, visit us at upsie.com/homewarranty and check out all the ways you can customize to protect your biggest investment!

– Clarence

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