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Activate your Pick 6 Home Warranty plan today

Refrigerator, Oven, Washer, Dryer

Before coverage can begin you need to finalize a couple of things

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Pick 6 appliances that matter most to you

Most appliance repair plans force you to cover particular appliances. With Pick 6, you have the freedom to select which appliances that you cannot live without.

Coverage details that will save you time and money for when life happens


Repair or Replacement

We will cover up to $1200 for repair or replacement per appliance each year. That is some serious value.

Annual Spend

We will cover up to $3500 in total repair or replacement costs on your plan each year. That's what we call a superhero for your savings account.

Service Fee

You pay only $50 for someone to come out to your house and repair or replace your appliance. We don't believe in hidden fees.
You choose the 6 appliances that matter most to your family & budget
No age limit on appliances
Flexibility to change covered appliances every year
Same-day scheduling
Cancel at any time
Warranty info stored in the Upsie app for easy reviewing and service scheduling
Repair or replacement regardless of age, make or model
World-class customer service
Certified repairmen
30-day wait period from start of plan to make a service call

Repair options to get you back to working order in no time

Repair Tools

In-Home Repair

We will send a certified repairman to your home for on-site repairs. There is a $50 service fee collected by the repairman at time of service. We cover the rest!
Dollar Sign


If the cost to repair your appliance is too high, or is not repairable, we will replace your appliance (up to $1200 after repair costs), or we will cut you a check that you can apply toward a new appliance.
Location Pointer

Emergency Service

Some appliances you cannot live without (Furnace, A/C, Refrigerator, or Freezer). If one of these appliances breaks down during the night or weekend, you can select your service provider and we will reimburse you for the standard repair rate.

Common answers to frequently asked questions

How does the repair/replacement process work?
After you call in to make a claim on one of your covered appliances, our agents will send over your information to a local certified repairman. That repairman will then contact you separately to schedule a time for repair. When the repairman arrives, you will pay them a $50 service fee. They will proceed with repairing your appliance. If your appliance is not repairable, we will replace it.
Do I have to pay the $50 service fee again if they have to come out to fix the same issue?
If your appliance experiences the same issue that you initially made a claim on and the repairman has to come back out, you will not have to pay another service fee. If the issue is different, then yes, you would have to pay it again.
My appliance is broken, how will it get replaced?
We have an extensive network of dealers and will find a model that matches the appliance being replaced to the best of our abilities. If you are not satisfied with this option, or you would like to upgrade to something different, we will cut you a check for the amount we would have paid for the replacement model that we found (up to the per appliance maximum).
I just purchased my warranty, when can I make my first claim?
There is a 30 day wait on making any claims for new warranties. On the 31st day, you will be allowed to make a claim.
Can I change one of the six appliances after the fact?
You are allowed to change appliances that you are covering once every year (we will reach out to you before the start of your next year). The 30 day wait will apply only to appliances that were not previously being covered.
I want to cover my rental property, can I purchase Pick 6?
Although we allow second homes, we do not allow rental properties to be covered. You must be the owner and primary resident of a single family home, condominium, townhouse or mobile home built on a permanent foundation (must be less than 5000 square feet).
Who responds to the service calls and repairs the appliances?
Upsie will reach out to their service networks and choose companies based on the service needs and the property zip code. We make sure they are certified, and are reputable. All technicians have thorough background checks, and we make sure they are qualified to repair the appliances that Upsie covers. Each company is responsible for sending individual technicians on service calls.
Can I cover an appliance that is outside of my home?
No, it has to be located within the perimeter of the main foundation or the attached/detached garage at the covered address. The appliance cannot be exposed to outside elements (excluding Central Air Condition unit).