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How to Save Over $200 When Buying a New Smartphone

April 23, 2018

This is the easiest way to save $200! It’s as simple as saying no to a smartphone warranty when you’re buying a new phone.

Did you know that phone carriers and retailers inflate their smartphone warranty margins? We’re not talking about 20% to make a profit, we’re talking about up to 900%! They’re literally taking your money and putting it in their pockets.


Luckily, there is a new warranty option that is way more affordable. It’s called Upsie. Upsie offers the same accidental protection plans for a fraction of the cost. Better yet, they offer 24/7 claims customer service and transparent plans so you know exactly what the warranty covers before purchasing it.

Carrier plans cost $11, $12 or even $13 per month for two years! If you do the math, that’s $264-$312. Upsie smartphone warranties only cost $79.99 for smartphones like the new Galaxy S9 and $119.99 for smartphones like the iPhone X. With Upsie, you have up to 45 days after purchase to buy a warranty for your smartphone. This means that, if you bought a phone in the last 45 days, you can cancel your overpriced plan and buy and Upsie plan. Similarly, if you declined a smartphone warranty at checkout, you can get one with Upsie.

Some people might say, “I’ll just be careful with my phone!” Well, cracked screens are the most common problem, and they can cost up to $300 out of pocket to repair.

So save over $200 by saying no to a smartphone warranty at checkout and go to www.upsie.com instead.

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