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How Upsie is Better than AppleCare iPhone Insurance

“If you have, or are looking to buy, an Apple iPhone, you’re probably wondering if you really need AppleCare. After all, AppleCare iPhone insurance is expensive.

7 Things to Check When You Buy Insurance for Your Phone

Not all android and iPhone insurance is built the same, and we hope you don’t come to that realization too late. Many people make the mistake of not going through the fine details of the warranty they purchased for their brand-new phone.

What is the Best Phone Insurance with Accident Protection?

In the modern world, smartphones have become essential equipment. Because you need to be able to use this phone on a daily basis, you want to know that it will be protected in the event of an accident.

The Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Insurance

Getting cell phone insurance seems like an easy decision. How often have you, your friends, or family members ended up accidentally damaging your phone?

How a Smartphone Warranty Plan Keeps You Connected

Many people are hesitant to spend money on a smartphone warranty protection plan. After all, you likely just shelled out close to a thousand dollars for your new smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Facts and Information

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are officially available for sale. There are three models packed with great features and upgrades. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, keep reading below.

4 Reasons to Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Smartphone

The question about adding on an extended warranty for your smartphone comes up every time you buy one. It’s easy to brush the request off with the thought, “Why would I need to buy an extended warranty?”

How to Protect Electronics from Kids? Extended Warranties.

Kids today need a surprising amount of tech. Gone are the days of a kid just needing a simple Nokia; the average child has a smartphone, tablet, and even a laptop for school.

Screen Protection or Phone Insurance? The Best Accidental Damage Protection

There are few things worse than accidentally dropping your phone and picking it up to find a spider-web crack across the glass. When you buy a new phone, how will you protect it against screen damage?

Smartphone Warranties: Everything You Need to Know

We rely on our cell phones for everything from keeping in touch with loved ones to sending out vital business documents. Protecting it should be a priority whenever you invest money in purchasing a new smartphone.

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