How Do I Get My Smartphone Repaired Under Warranty?

Your smartphone is broken. What now? Today, most of us rely on our smartphone for the most basic of tasks like checking on emails and communicating with the ones we love. But before you run down to the repair shop or (worse) get a complete replacement, you may want to check your phone’s warranty. You can get a phone repaired or replaced under warranty as long as the damage was caused by a manufacturer defect. If the damage was caused by an accident, hopefully you purchased an extended warranty with accidental damage protection from a company like Upsie.

Why Did Your Phone Break?

Warranties and extended warranties protect your phone from incidental breakage. If your camera or your WiFi suddenly stops working, or your phone just won’t boot up, that’s a warranty issue. If you dropped your phone, cracked the screen, or submerged your phone in water, you’re covered with Upsie insurance.

How Long is Your Phone Warranty?

The length of your manufacturer warranty matters. Check to make sure that this warranty is still valid. You might be surprised. Standard phone warranties can be as short as three months, especially if you purchased a reconditioned or certified refurbished phone.
This is where extended warranties can be useful. Extended warranties give you everything a traditional warranty does, but for a longer period. You can get an extended warranty through Upsie for years past your original warranty. It will give you the same protection against malfunctions plus accidental damage protection (and as your device gets older, the chances for an issue become more real).

What is the Process to Get My Smartphone Repaired?

Usually there are three options for warranty repairs. With Upsie your first option is to have your smartphone repaired locally (even at a Genius Bar for iPhone owners). Your second option is to send in your phone to the certified Upsie repair center, it’s repaired, and then you get it sent back to you. The third option is if your phone cannot be repaired and has to be replaced. You’ll be mailed a new phone and need to send your old phone in immediately thereafter. The goal is, of course, to make sure you get a replacement phone as soon as possible.
With Upsie making a claim is easy. All your paperwork is stored in your account online and you can start the claims process 24/7/365. You’ll even get to talk to a real human in the USA to help answer any questions you might have.

How Do You Get an Upsie Extended Phone Warranty?

It might not be too late to extend your warranty. Often times you can add an extended warranty or a service agreement onto a device that you already own up to 60 days after purchase, especially if the original warranty hasn’t yet expired. Adding an extended warranty is the ideal way to regain protection from your original warranty because the protection package will be very similar. Moving forward, any repairs that occur fall under your extended warranty and it would be the same repair and replacement process described above.
Is your phone still protected under warranty? Most smartphone manufacturers warranties only last a year. Some only last three months. That’s not very long considering how long most of us will use our phones. An extended warranty gives you longer lasting peace of mind.

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