Will Samsung Release a Galaxy Note 21 in 2021?

The recent release of the new Galaxy S21 prompted continued speculation about the appearance of Samsung's Galaxy Note 21. According to TechRadar, Samsung typically releases the next update to the Galaxy Note a few months after they release the latest Galaxy S phone.
Of course, these pandemic years have not been typical times, so some industry watchers wonder if they will have to wait longer to see an updated Galaxy Note. Or, worse, if Samsung has decided to discontinue this model.

When Will Samsung Release the Galaxy Note 21?

In the past, Samsung announced the release of new Galaxy Note versions at the beginning of August. About two weeks after they made announcements in previous years, they would start shipping phones. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 does appear this year, expect an announcement around the same time.
With that in mind, why suspect the phone maker might cancel this year's release? TechRadar reported that Samsung's CEO, DJ Koh, spoke about the worldwide semiconductor supply shortage at the most recent shareholder's meeting. During that conversation, he suggested that the company might cancel plans to release a new Galaxy Note in 2021. Since they already released the S21 and S21 Ultra, he said releasing so many high-end phones this year could burden the company.
A spokesman later assured the public that Samsung did not intend to discontinue the Note line but only considered delaying the new release. Right now, nobody outside of Samsung knows if a new Galaxy Note 21 will hit the market in 2021 or be delayed until 2022. Of course, Samsung might wait until 2022, skip the Note S21, and release a Samsung Galaxy Note S22.
Some sources have speculated that Samsung will release the Galaxy S21 FE in August instead of the Note 21. Instead of the Note 21, the Galaxy S21 FE may serve as this year's followup to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The FE enjoys popularity because it offers many features of high-end phones at a somewhat lower cost.

How Much Will the Samsung Note 21 Cost?

Along with the release date, nobody knows how much the next Samsung Note will cost. The Samsung Note 20 started at $999, so it's fair to expect that the next version of this phone will cost at least that much.
In any case, the CEO has referred to the Galaxy Note as a high-end phone multiple times, so most people expect Samsung to price it accordingly. Still, they released the Samsung Galaxy S21 with a base price of $799, so it started out a bit cheaper than the S20.

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