Learn more about iPad and tablet warranties

Pros and Cons of Extended Warranties for Tablets

Extended warranties are essential for your everyday devices like smartphones and laptops, but what about tablets?

Do I Really Need Accident Protection for my Tablet?

Accident protection is for common, unintended incidents like drops that can cause cracked screens and spills and can short internal components.

Tablet Insurance with Accident Protection

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular these days, and for good reason. They are extremely diverse, light and portable devices.

How to Protect and Secure Your Android Tablet

Congratulations on your new Android tablet purchase! It’s likely that you spent anywhere from $150-$750, so it’s important that you protect your beautiful, new investment.

Tablet vs. Laptop: What’s the Best Choice for Buyers?

No matter how well people maintain their technology, something will eventually break down. At that point, it’s time to start looking over various options when it comes to a personal computer.

Tablet Warranties: How to Invest in Technology for Kids

Debates about screen time aside, tablets are important technology tools for many families. They can help your child engage with helpful learning and development apps, communicate with family and friends that don’t live nearby, and get a better understanding of the world around them.

Three Reasons Why iPad Insurance Should Be a Top Priority

Apple lovers are a unique breed. It’s hard to think of another technology brand with as much user loyalty. Owning an iPad gives you a different feeling than you get from other tablets.

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