Tablet Warranties: How to Invest in Technology for Kids

Debates about screen time aside, tablets are important technology tools for many families. They can help your child engage with helpful learning and development apps, communicate with family and friends that don’t live nearby, and get a better understanding of the world around them. Plus, a gaming session or personal movie marathon can help keep the peace on a long drive or during rainy days. But tablets aren’t always cheap investments, so many parents hesitate to press the buy button when they consider how their kids might treat the devices. Consider getting some peace of mind when you invest in technology for your kids by purchasing a tablet extended warranty plan through Upsie.

The Bets You Make With Kids but Without a Tablet Service Plan

If you buy a tablet for your child and forgo an extended warranty you might believe your investment is fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the majority of manufacturer’s warranties are limited in scope to manufacturing defects. That means they last for a short period of time – typically one year and sometimes even less. It also means that they cover a limited number of things. Usually manufacturer’s warranties are only meant to cover repairs or replacement if the product you buy has a defect in workmanship or parts. In short, manufacturer’s warranties only protect you if you buy a tablet that doesn’t work right.
If you stick with only that level of coverage, other types of issue and damage are not covered. So, you’re effectively betting that:
  • Your child will never drop the tablet and cause the screen to break
  • Internal damage will never be caused from your child playing too rough with the tablet
  • At home, your electrical system will always treat the tablet kindly, and there will never be damage from a surge or other electrical issue
  • Your child (or someone else) will never spill liquid on the tablet or accidentally drop it in the sink or tub
  • The battery on that tablet will remain steadfast through the useful life of the device
  • Cameras, touch screens, headphone jacks and other elements of the tablet will continue to function fully for two to three years
That’s a lot to bet on, and if you lose, you could be out the cost of repairs. In worse-case scenarios, you could be out the cost of the tablet plus the cost of a whole new replacement tablet.

Hedging Your Bets With a Tablet Extended Warranty

Whether you’re shopping for a tablet now or you bought one recently, you can hedge your bets with greater protection from Upsie. Here’s how that peace-of-mind works when you buy tablets for kids.
  • Within 60 days of making your purchase – and definitely before your child has an accident that damages the device – purchase a two-year or three-year Upsie warranty.
  • You’ll pay between $20 and $230 for the extended coverage plan, depending on the price of your device and how long you want it protected for. The most expensive plans cover tablets that retail for $1,500 to $1,999, for example.
  • If the tablet is damaged or no longer works due to defects, accidents or other issues, you’re covered. That includes cracked screens, liquid damage and failures of the power source, touch screen, camera, headphone jack, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • All you pay at the time of repair is a $25 deductible — regardless of the expense of the repair or replacement!
  • You can get your device repaired at a certified local shop or ship it in for repair. Upsie covers the shipping cost to and from the repair location for convenience and greater savings for you. For covered claims iPad owners can even have their devices repaired at a local Genius Bar.
Don’t bet on your kids not being kids when they’re in possession of a tablet. Instead, buy an Upsie extended coverage plan and rest assured knowing that your device is protected from the traditional oopsies of childhood.
Do you have questions about Upsie? Contact them via their website or send them a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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