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Techstars Retail – Week 1

July 24, 2017

Everything we heard about Techstars leading up to orientation is that the accelerator program will be a lot of hard work. You will experience long days filled with meetings, long nights playing catch up, and more information than one person can possibly comprehend. However, the outcome will be very rewarding. Five Days into the program, we’ve found all of that to be true, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of Upsie.

The information we’ve learned in the daily workshops has turned into a week long ah-ha moment, bonding and collaborating with 9 other startups from all over the world has been very eye opening, and we’ve only met a few mentors, but their excitement about Upsie and passion to want to help us grow is incredibly uplifting.


TSRetail CEO’s do Sake Bombs @ Chino Latino


The huge network of passionate mentors is one of the key things Techstars gets right. Their #GiveFrist motto isn’t just a cute hashtag they use as wall decoration. The idea behind #givefirst is: Try to be helpful without any specific expectation of return and in a non-transactional way. That is how the network of Techstars mentors has grown to 7,000 talented Founders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Experts. The fact that the mentors are willing to take time out of their busy days to give advice to us is remarkable.

Zach Nies, VP of Education at Techstars, instructed our favorite workshop of the week: Goal Setting. Our key take away was learning a workflow management tool, the Kanban Board. We immediately created ours following the workshop and fell in love. It is a huge help with visually prioritizing and organizing tasks we need to complete, it helps make your day more manageable and you’re able to focus on one task (or post it note) at a time. Clarence affectionately refers to it as our “Get Shit Done” board.


Mission Organization

Our Kanban Board – Day 1


Looking forward to Mentor Madness, which starts next week (think: 20 minute speed dating sessions with Mentors). Check back weekly to follow along the journey with us! Also, every Wednesday morning we will have interviews with the other startups in our class, which will be posted via Facebook.



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