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Upsie Launches

February 26, 2015

Here We Go

We are extremely excited to introduce Upsie to everyone. We have been working for two years, talking to people, negotiating with investors, building out a world-class team and tweaking the technology. So, why the warranty industry? Well, it’s been very clear that it needs a lot of work. We instantly saw the problems that technology could solve.

When you purchase plans from Big-Box stores, you are subject to 100-500% markups, no clear understanding of what you are buying and given no choices. The euphoric feeling you get from purchasing a product you love goes away as soon as they ask you, “Would you like to protect that with a blah-blah-blah plan?”

Why does it have to be like this? Why can’t the process be all about helping people? Why hasn’t the industry shifted away from this model? The answer is easy: MONEY! Retailers are making billions (yeah, with a B!) on these plans. It’s in their best interest to keep people in the dark about what’s really going on. “Why?” you might ask. Well, that’s really simple. These companies are no longer making big margins on the products they sell, thanks to companies like Amazon. Smartphones have allowed consumers to search and shop right in the store, educating them and providing them with complete transparency on what prices are available from competitors.

So, why not offer the same thing when it comes to warranties? That’s where Upsie comes in! We are the only product on the market that allows you to buy the same protection plans without the huge middleman markups. We offer complete transparency. We don’t hide who the carrier is or what is truly covered in the fine print. We want you to know when your plan is complete and make the whole process easier with added features like receipt storage and barcode scanning. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding that info when making a claim. We offer you the ability to control the process from A-Z. We are dedicated to getting this right! Come join us. Tell a friend or even give us feedback. We are here for you. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or on Twitter at @Upsie_.

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