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2- Year Warranty

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Prices as of 6/8/2020 (may be subject to change) for an iPhone 11 priced at $699, a Microsoft Surface Pro priced at $799 and a Macbook Air priced at $999.99.

Why Upsie Costs Less

Insurance companies provide similar warranty plans to Upsie and Squaretrade.

Upsie believes in fair pricing. SquareTrade marks up their warranties as much as 500%!

Upsie sells affordable warranties and SquareTrade sells expensive warranties to you.

Switch to Upsie

  1. If you purchased your device within the last 60 days you can purchase an Upsie warranty.
  2. If over 45-60 days has passed, you are not eligible to purchase an Upsie warranty. You might want to keep your current warranty; remember to use Upsie next time!
  3. You can cancel your SquareTrade plan at any time. If you cancel your plan within the first 30 days, you'll receive a full refund. If 30 days has passed, you'll receive a prorated refund.