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The Most Anticipated Camera Bodies to Consider in 2022

The camera body refers to the main part of the camera. A camera’s body includes the external case and the external or internal sensors

Top Vlogging Camera Options Compared

Vlogging has become immensely popular over the past few decades. People first started posting videos embedded into their websites.

Best Canon Camcorders – Early 2022 Edition

Famed for its cameras, Canon is similarly celebrated for its camcorders. This year, a trio has stood out from the rest.

Do You Need a Drone? Pros And Cons to Consider

Drone footage videos are nearly always visually impressive, as drones can capture sweeping views unavailable from the typical human perspective.

DJI Drones Compared: Mavic, Phantom, and FPV

DJI now manufactures a range of drones designed to cater to consumers and professionals alike

Tips to Clean a Camera Body and Lens

A dirty camera lens can impact the quality of a camera’s photos.

The Fujifilm X T4: One of The Best Cameras on the Market

PC Magazine called this new X-Series model the best camera on the market outside of full-frame cameras.

Four Reasons You Need a Camera Extended Warranty

Today’s digital cameras are increasingly high-tech. But, unfortunately, they’re also more expensive than ever as a result.

What to Expect From the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Camera

Anyone who wants the convenience of a digital camera combined with the fun option to produce digital prints should consider a Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo.

Enduro Battery Set to Transform Latest GoPro Models

Calling all GoPro owners! An all-new, high-performance Enduro battery is coming and you won’t want to miss it.

The New Sony A7 IV Release Date and Specs

Sony’s latest Alpha-branded A7 IV digital camera, the follow-up to the top-rated A7 III, is now almost here.

What Are Megapixels (MP) — And How Many Do You Need?

To understand how many megapixels a camera should provide, camera shoppers should start by understanding a few basic terms.

Fun Cameras for Photos With Friends or Family

Almost everybody carries a smartphone with a camera these days. That means most people will only invest in a digital camera

4 Family Photography Tips For Natural Family Photos

After finally getting the family together for a party, trip, or picnic, don’t forget to capture the memories.

How to Choose the Best Panasonic Camera Insurance

Panasonic makes everything from in-flight entertainment systems to washing machines

The Best Sony Camera Insurance for New or Used Models

Nobody can say which camera brand comes out on top. Several name-brand manufacturers offer many types of cameras

How the Exposure Triangle Works in Photography

Professional photographers rely on the principles of what’s known as the exposure triangle every day.

Full Guide to the GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro’s latest Hero-branded action camera has a tough act to follow, ultimately replacing the top-rated Hero 9 Black.

The Best Travel Case for Cameras and Photography Gear

After photographers invest in a good travel camera, they should strongly consider buying a travel camera bag

Top Digital Medium Format Cameras for Superior Images

Back in the days when cameras used film, it came in various formats.

3 High-Performance, Compact Cameras for Traveling Light

Even serious photographers may not want to carry their pro-level cameras and accessories on trips.

A Beginner’s Guide to Night Sky Photography

 Astrophotography refers to photographing different aspects of the night sky. This could include a field of stars

Best Camera Lens for Low-Light Photography Right Now

Low-light photography generally refers to taking pictures at night. However, wooded hikes, on-stage performances

How to Edit and Boost Fall Colors in Photography

Leaves are changing and fall colors are emerging across the country. We will soon find ourselves surrounded by yellows, oranges and reds, which is always stellar for photography!

The Four Best Cameras for Making YouTube Videos

Each day, new people launch YouTube channels to share their experiences, talent, and views.

Speculation About the Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera

As far back as last spring, Canon sparked some curiosity about their new camera during a company announcement.

Three Must-Haves When Choosing a Camera Warranty

However you use your camera equipment, it’s important to take good care of it. Lenses, in particular, are easy to damage.

3 Free Photo-Editing Phone Apps for Android and iOS

Some purists might still debate the virtues of phone cameras versus standalone cameras.

Is Camera Insurance Needed for DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras?

Are DSLR or mirrorless cameras better for serious photography? Professional and serious amateur photographers still debate

Do You Need to Buy a GoPro Camera Warranty?

Most cameras serve a variety of uses, but some models excel at specific tasks.

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