A Beginner’s Guide to Using Peloton Bike Shoes Safely

Investing in a Peloton bike can be exciting, but it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. The equipment requires a lot of thought, but that’s only the beginning. Shoes are arguably just as important — and not just any pair will do. After all, biking shoes differ from the cross trainers, running shoes, and sneakers that most people wear while working out.
It’s important to know which shoes work the best on a Peloton bike — and, more importantly, how to use these shoes safely. Keep reading to learn about the different styles and brands available for Peloton bikes.

What to Know About Peloton Shoes and Cleats

Peloton bikes utilize the Delta style of cleats, often referred to as LOOK cleats. This three-hole style is commonly found on standard bike pedals, so it’s nice to see Peloton using this instead of a proprietary setup. Additionally, Peloton allows consumers to attach their own bike pedals to their exercise bikes. However, for this guide, we’ll focus on the stock pedals included with the bike.

The Best Peloton Bike Shoe Brands

A variety of exceptional biking shoes are available, but a few standouts deserve to be highlighted. One benefit shared by all of these brands is that their shoes can be used for both Peloton and standard bikes.
Peloton’s own shoes look great and are incredibly comfortable. Cleats are included, making them the easiest option for riders who just want to strap in and go. Peloton devotees who want their shoes to match their bike will love these.
Shimano has made bicycle parts for more than forty years, but this Japanese company also produces killer bike shoes. The RC1 shoes are critically acclaimed and cost about $100. The only downside is that they sell the clips separately.
Tommaso shoes come with the delta clips already attached — a nice touch for casual users who don’t want to meddle with the process. As far as value goes, they are about the same price as Peloton’s own shoes. In addition, they come in a wider variety of colors and styles.

Using Peloton Bike Shoes Safely

At first, users may seem intimidated by the prospect of fastening themselves to the bike. In reality, it couldn’t be easier. With bike shoes on, it’s easy to straddle the Peloton with one leg on either side of the bike.
Insert the dominant foot first (for most people, this will be their right foot) by bringing the pedal down to the lowest position. This six o’clock position will make it easier to insert the foot into the pedal. Pointing the toe down will allow the user to easily click into the pedal. Anyone who has ever clicked into a pair of skis or stepped into high heel shoes will find this to be a similar motion. Once both feet are locked into place, the ride can begin.
Dismounting from a Peloton bike is just as easy as hopping on. Lower the pedal to that familiar six o’clock position and move the heel outward. There will be a little resistance, but the shoe will slide off of the pedal and out.
The most important thing about bike shoes is finding a pair that fits properly. Ill-fitting shoes could lead to a variety of foot and ankle issues, both in the short and long term. As such, it’s important to find the best fit possible. While this can be difficult — especially when purchasing shoes online — there’s no understating its importance. Armed with properly fitting shoes, consumers can get the most out of their Peloton bike for years to come.

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