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Best Fitness Machines: Treadmills Versus Stationary Bikes

Any list of the most popular kinds of home fitness machines will include treadmills and stationary bikes.

The Best Peloton Tread Extended Warranty

Economically minded folks might find the Peloton Tread pricey, but this model still costs less than many comparable fitness machines.

Which Fitness Activity Is Best: Running, Pilates or Cycling?

Launching a fitness regimen is never easy, but those who are passionate about their favorite activities

Tonal Versus Tempo: Battle of the Smart Home Gyms

The home gym market has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past year or two, both in the U.S. and overseas.

The Top Connected Fitness Machines for 2021

There are many benefits of owning gym equipment. Fitness enthusiasts can exercise from the comfort of their homes

NordicTrack Versus Sole Fitness For the Best Workout

Home gyms have been popular since the 1980s. They’ve come a long way, leading to many exciting fitness opportunities

Is the Peloton Tread the Perfect Compact Home Treadmill?

Healthline reported that monthly gym membership fees average about $60 in the U.S.

Peloton Versus Echelon Connected Exercise Bikes

You’ve seen the commercials. You probably have at least one friend on social media raving about their experiences.

Choosing Between the Peloton Bike Versus Peloton Bike Plus

Peloton has only been around as a company since 2014, but it has quickly become a well-known brand with a cultural cachet few can rival.

How to Make Treadmill Workouts More Engaging

The Kenner Army Health Clinic shared an essential element of a successful exercise program

Choose the Right Fitness Equipment to Stay Fit and Motivated

Whether you are determined to stay fit over the holidays and winter season or generally want to boost your fitness

Running on a Treadmill Versus Running Outside

Running offers a full-body workout that increases your cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

Ready to Get Fit? Best Home Workout Equipment (Fall 2021)

While January and early spring are perhaps the two most common times of year for big booms in exercise and fitness

Five Reasons to Buy a Rowing Machine

Home gym equipment is now more popular than ever.

Tonal Versus NordicTrack Vault Workouts Compared

In 2018, a new type of fitness tech emerged, stylish, wall-mounted, at-home fitness center.

Prepping Your Home and Yourself for Your New Home Gym

A home gym can offer multiple benefits.

The Best Home Elliptical to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

An elliptical machine is a great choice for people considering investing in a piece of versatile fitness equipment.

Peloton Lanebreak: Taking Exergaming to the Next Level

The idea of creating video games that offer a chance to have fun while exercising probably started as long ago as the 1980s.

Get Fit at Home: Best Fitness Apps for At-Home Workouts

If you’re like most people, you’d like to work out more often or be a little more fit than you are currently.

The $2,500 SoulCycle At-Home Bike Is a Workout and a Half

Since 2006, SoulCycle has been putting gym-goers through their paces. Now, much the same experience is available

Mirror-Style Workout Systems: Tonal and Mirror Compared

One of the newest trends in at-home workout systems is the mirror system. You’ve probably seen commercials

Your Guide to NordicTrack Rowing Machines

If you’re looking to upgrade your fitness routine by purchasing a rowing machine, the newest series from NordicTrack

Echelon Fit Connect Bikes: Connect EX-3 vs. Connect EX-5

Owning at least one high-quality piece of cardio equipment is essential to any home gym.

Find a Rowing Machine for Your Fitness Needs and Budget

Have you ever noticed the rowing machine in the corner of your gym and wondered if it might benefit your health and fitness?

Echelon Reflect Mirror and NordicTrack Vault Compared

Getting fit at home has never been more popular than right now, thanks to the unfortunate side effects

Decide Between the Echelon Fit Row and Echelon Fit Row S

As we approach the start of year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking for a way

Elliptical or Treadmill? Which Is Right for You?

It’s a new year, and let’s be honest: everyone’s hoping 2021 treats us better than 2020 did. Among all sorts of other disruptions

Compare NordicTrack Vault vs Mirror vs Tonal Home Gyms

These days lots of people have chosen to invest in at-home fitness equipment instead of a gym membership.

4 Tips for Quick and Complete Home Treadmill Repair

Today’s treadmills offer more features and specifications than ever before, making them invaluable for any training

The Best Warranty For NordicTrack Vault Fitness System

Just recently CNET highlighted the NordicTrack Vault as a product that helped bring personal training into homes.

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