Learn about Washing Machine, Dishwasher and Major Appliance Warranties

Extended Appliance Warranty Pros and Cons

There are many scenarios when it is beneficial to buy an extended appliance warranty. To begin, it makes sense financially. Repairing a $1,000 wall oven can cost as much as $430.

When is an Extended Warranty on Appliances Worth It?

If you just purchased a new appliance, you’re likely feeling a mixture of emotions. Excitement, anticipation, or maybe fear that your new appliance won’t last as long as you would like?

Appliance Extended Warranties FAQ’s

The worst part of purchasing a new major appliance is saying no to the sales representative who is trying to pressure you to add on overpriced extended warranty protection.

When to Consider Buying an Extended Warranty for an Appliance

There are multiple things to consider when deciding if you should buy an extended warranty for your appliances. Coverage, cost and service are just a few.

How to Purchase an Extended Warranty for Your Appliance

Appliance extended warranties are important to ensure your appliance runs properly for years to come. Luckily, purchasing an appliance extended warranty is easy and available to do on your time with Upsie.

Why to Consider Buying an Extended Warranty for Appliances

Extended warranties are not a sexy topic. Protecting your brand new $1,200 smartphone is one thing, but protecting an essential appliance isn’t nearly as exciting. However, it is something that you should absolutely consider doing.

Is a Washer and Dryer Extended Warranty Plan Worth It?

A broken washing machine can cost anywhere from $100-$350 to get repaired. With 78% of Americans working paycheck to paycheck, that’s a huge expense to take on.

Is an Extended Warranty for Your Refrigerator Worth it?

Appliances are huge investments. A top-of-the-line refrigerator can cost $2,100, and a low end model will still set you back at least $500.

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