The Best iPhone for 2020: Your Top Questions Answered

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Which iPhone Is the Best Balance of Price vs. Features?

At this point in the upgrade cycle, we’re split between two models. The two Pro models are truly impressive devices, but we’re hard pressed to see a good reason for most people to spend $300 to $400 more for them. The extra camera and screen quality are enviable, but they just aren’t worth the extra cost for the average user.
That leaves us with the standard iPhone 11, which starts at $699, and the new iPhone SE, which starts at $399. Of the two, the iPhone 11 is far and away the more popular phone. It introduced some solid new features like Night Mode photography and a second wide-angle camera on the back. It’s also a fairly large phone at 6.1 inches, and the advanced Liquid Retina HD screen is gorgeous. With no home button, the iPhone 11 relies on FaceID for security and unlocking.
The new iPhone SE has the same speedy internal chipset as the iPhone 11. In terms of software capability, it’s just as speedy. But because it’s based on the older iPhone 8 body, there are some hardware trade offs. The single rear camera and the front-facing selfie cam are adequate but nowhere near as good as the 11’s. The big bezels feel a little dated in 2020, as well. The iPhone SE also retains the physical home button and TouchID.
So which is best for most people? Size and price will decide for most. If you have the budget and prefer a larger screen, choose the iPhone 11. If you like smaller phones or can’t stomach the $699 price point, go for the iPhone SE.

What Is the Most Expensive iPhone?

Apple’s most expensive phone is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This beast of a phone boasts a massive 6.5 inch edge-to-edge display (notch notwithstanding). It’s a gorgeous device and a big phone, hands down—though thanks to the tiny bezels it’s not as large as you might expect if you’re coming from an iPhone 8 or older model.
A new iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost you $1,099 for the 64GB model. If you need more space, you can choose the 256GB model at $1249 or the 512GB at a budget-busting $1449.

Which iPhone Has the Largest Screen?

Once again, the iPhone 11 Pro Max wins the award for largest screen. 6.5 inches is more than enough real estate for most people, and it’s certainly a lot to cram into a (relatively) pocketable device. Remember, just a few short years ago, 4-inch and 4.7-inch phones were the norm.
If that somehow isn’t big enough, rumors suggest that the largest 2020 iPhone will top out at 6.7 inches.

Which iPhone Is the Most Affordable?

Apple’s most affordable phone is also its newest: the new iPhone SE, which was released in April 2020. This unique iPhone is priced attractively at $399. There are some trade-offs, as expected at that price point, but it’s still an impressive, powerful device.

Is the iPhone SE a Good Deal?

Absolutely. Many budget phones suffer terribly in terms of performance and features, but both the original iPhone SE and the new 2020 iPhone SE don’t fall into this trap.
Apple has taken an interesting approach to its budget phone. The new SE is essentially the body of an iPhone 8 with the processing power of the iPhone 11. This means that the SE doesn’t get the cutting-edge cameras, FaceID, OLED screen or ultra-thin bezels that the newest iPhone body style contains. But it gets exactly the same processing power and future-proofing as the more expensive iPhone 11 series.
For $399, the iPhone SE offers users top-end processing power and a modern iOS 13 (soon to be 14) experience in an older body style that still covers most average users’ needs. It’s a fantastic deal.

Is There Going to Be an iPhone 12 Released in 2020?

Since the iPhone’s introduction, Apple has released a new version every year. There’s every indication that 2020 will be the same. In fact, just recently Apple announced that this year’s iPhones would be launched “a few weeks later” than is typical. Experts assume the delay is due to COVID-19 supply-chain and manufacturing disruption, but in this announcement there’s a confirmation that there will indeed be new iPhones released this year.
Experts anticipate four models, all likely bearing iPhone 12 monikers. The new phones will support 5G connectivity, the first iPhones to do so. Sizes are anticipated to range from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches, with two 6.1-inch devices (likely a standard and “Pro” configuration).

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