The Long-Awaited Google Pixel 5A Phone Has Arrived!

Google’s Pixel 5A demonstrates that budget-minded Google smartphone fans can still enjoy a premium experience with a modestly priced phone. Find out if it’s time to upgrade to a Pixel 5A or better to wait for the Google Pixel 6.

What to Expect From the New Google 5A Phone

CNET called the Google Pixel 5A a solid value for its $449 price. These are some of the features that the Google Pixel 5A offers:
  • The phone comes with an IP67 rating. This means third-party tests confirmed this phone’s dust and water resistance.
  • The Pixel 5A appears similar to last year’s 4A 5G with its Snapdragon 765G processor and overall design. In contrast, Google suggested they would offer their Tensor chip in Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones. Still, the 5A performed decently in tests with streaming and some games.
  • The cameras and lenses perform well but function much like the 4A 5G.
  • Google upgraded the display to a 6.34-inch OLED from the 4A 5G’s display of 6.2 inches.
Google also upgraded the battery from the 4A 5G’s 3,800 mAh battery to 4,620 mAh. It supports fast charging with an included USB-C cable, but it does not offer wireless charging. CNET did compare the 5A’s rapid charging to the OnePlus Njord 2 and found the OnePlus faster. Additionally, Google claims the 5A can last a day on a charge, and the reviewer thought that was a fair estimate.

Does the Google Pixel 5A Phone Support 5G Connectivity?

Yes, the Google Pixel 5A supports 5G connectivity. Apparently, Google decided they did not need to include 5G in the name of this new phone.
The new phone does offer 5G support, but users should temper their expectations. It appears as if the 5A can connect to T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T low-band networks but not high-frequency ones. On their own Pixel 5A sales page, Google says they don’t guarantee support for all networks. So, customers might want to check with Google or their own network before buying this phone.
This possible limitation still makes the Google Pixel 5A phone a decent value for its moderate price. If future-proofing with more robust 5G support matters, consumers might prefer to wait for the Pixel 6 to see what kind of 5G connectivity it will offer.

Is Upgrading a New Android Smartphone Difficult?

Before, transferring contacts, apps, and data from one phone to another took a lot of time. Now, various apps and cloud services have made this task much simpler and less prone to errors.
Nevertheless, people who do plan to upgrade might benefit from this handy guide to transferring data to a new Android phone.

Who Sells Better Protection Plans for Google Pixel Smartphones?

Google earned a good reputation for developing durable phones with advanced features. However, accidents happen, making it vital for phone owners to purchase an Upsie warranty. Not only will an Upsie Google Pixel smartphone warranty protect its customers against defects, wear, and component failures, it even helps guard against drops and spills. After all, a water-resistant rating doesn’t mean the same as a waterproof rating.
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With so many great smartphones on the market, finding the best one can take some time. After purchasing a phone, visit Upsie for the best warranty protection. Besides Google Pixel, Upsie also has warranties for other smartphone brands, tablets, computers, and much more.

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