iPhone 13 Rumors: Latest Rumblings About 2021 iPhones

Apple product and software announcement events are legendary, and the company’s ability to build up hype is impressive. Multiple times every year, some new rumor will leak out, sending the tech media and forums everywhere into a frenzy of speculation.
This year is no different, and people are beginning to wonder what the iPhone 13 lineup is going to look like.
It’s a good year for rumors, too, with talk of Apple experimenting with folding displays, in-screen fingerprint detection, Mini LEDs and more. But will any of these developments make it into this year’s new iPhones?
While there’s a long way to go before Apple will definitively announce its plans, plenty of rumors are beginning to fly. Here are the latest rumblings about the 2021 iPhone release.

Sure Bets: Iterative Updates for Many Components

Every year, Apple does a few things like clockwork. The flagship phones nearly always have an upgraded processor, camera improvements, and small quality-of-life improvements to hardware design. Most years, the company does something to increase battery capacity. All these iterative updates are almost guaranteed for the iPhone 13, too.

Same Four Sizes Appear Likely

While it’s always possible the company will pull out a crazy surprise, at this point it looks likely that the iPhone 13 will be available in the same four models as the iPhone 12. This means you can expect a mini and regular-sized iPhone 13, and a regular and plus-sized iPhone 13 Pro.
As exciting as the idea of a foldable iPhone is, there’s little to no chance Apple is ready to bring a new device class like this to market this year.

An “S” Year?

The iPhone 12 marked a significant redesign and brought 5G to the iPhone world. There are rumors that, internally, Apple engineers are considering this year’s phone to be an “S” year – a smaller update following the major redesign in last year’s iPhones.
That said, no one seems to think Apple has any plans to return to its S naming convention. While it’s possible that this fall’s iPhones will be named iPhone 12S, it’s just as likely Apple will stick with sequential numbering.

Better Battery Life

On the battery life front, there may be more than a small update. The iPhone 12 series used a first-gen 5G modem that sucked power like crazy. There were rumors and theories that at least some of the phones were being throttled to avoid excessive battery drain.
This year’s iPhones are expected to use a newer Qualcomm 5G modem that takes up less space and uses less power. Expect battery results to improve as a result.

Smaller Notch and ProMotion Display?

Famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the infamous notch atop the iPhone will be reduced in size for 2021. Kuo also expects the ProMotion Display technology (essentially, 120Hz refresh rate) to roll out on the Pro models.
Since Kuo’s predictions, numerous analysts have theorized on aspects of what will happen with the notch. It may get narrower or thinner or both – or it may remain exactly as it is. In a future year, Apple may move to the hole punch design common on Android phones, but it’s still too early to know.

Probably Not This Year: Portless, USB-C, Foldable, In-Screen Touch ID

The rumor mill is always full of ideas that don’t come to fruition. Apple may well be batting around some of these (based on patent applications or other sources). However there’s no evidence to expect you’ll find any of these developments in this year’s phones:
  • A portless, MagSafe-only phone
  • USB-C instead of Lightning
  • Foldable iPhone
  • In-screen Touch ID
It wouldn’t be shocking for some or all of these to show up in future years, but probably not this year.

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It’s still too early to know what all will happen in this year’s upgrade cycle. There will certainly be smaller, iterative updates from last year’s iPhone 12 lineup, plus a new processor and battery updates. There may also be some real breakthroughs, game-changing innovations that make the iPhone 13 the phone to have.
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