The Samsung Galaxy S20 Facts and Information

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are officially available for sale. There are three models packed with great features and upgrades. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, keep reading below.

S20 5G

Samsung’s most basic model is the Galaxy S20 5G. We say “basic” lightly, as this phone is a wonderful upgrade for anyone with an older phone. The S20 comes in five colors: Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue Cloud Pink, Cloud White and Aura Red. It boasts a 6.2” screen, just like the Galaxy S8+, and is high resolution at 64MP. For comparison, the Galaxy S10+ rear camera is 16MP. One of the great new features is its zoom capability. Samsung has tripled its zoom capability from 10x to 30x! Now that thing in the sky will look like a bird rather than a blob! The only thing this phone is lacking is storage; the only option is 128GB.

S20+ 5G

The middle-tier model is called the S20+ 5G. It shares a lot of features with the S20 and some with the S20 Ultra. The color options are: Cosmic Black, Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cloud White and Aura Red. With this model, you gain a half inch on screen for a total of 6.7”. However, the resolution and zoom capabilities are the same as on the S20 for the three back cameras. There is the addition of a DepthVision camera. This model is available with either 128GB or 512 GB of storage.

S20 Ultra 5G

Finally, we have the biggest and most feature-packed model, the S20 Ultra. This model comes in only two colors: Cosmic black and Cosmic Gray. The screen is even larger at 6.9” and the rear wide-angle camera has a whopping 108MP. The front selfie camera is 40mp; 4x the resolution of the S20 and S20 Ultra. Additionally, this model has 10X optic zoom up to 100X space zoom! It comes with 128 GB or 512 GB of storage.

Features Across All Models

All S20 models have small camera holes instead of notches. This allows for even more screen space. They also have the option to use a 1T MicroSD card for extra storage space. Additionally, they have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, the option for wireless charging and are supposedly water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 min. Lastly, they have 8k resolution for sharper videos and ability to pull 33mp stills from the videos themselves.

Which Galaxy S20 Model is Best For You

If you love photography and have a few hundred dollars extra to spend, the S20 Ultra is a great choice. The photography and videography options are endless, and you’ll likely discover new features for weeks. However, if you don’t have almost $1,400 to drop on a new phone, the S20 is a really great phone. Busy parents will love Single Take mode where you can take multiple photos of a scene and choose which style you like best. 5G on all three models allows you to connect to the world at HyperFast speeds. Finally, the batteries last all day so you will not have to worry about carrying charging cords around with you. You really cannot go wrong with any one of these S20 models.

How Much Do the Galaxy S20 Phones Cost?

  • 128 GB: $999.99
  • 128 GB: $1,199.99
  • 512 GB: $1,349.99
S20 Ultra:
  • 128 GB: $1,399.99
  • 512 GB: $1,599.99

Should You Get a Protection Plan for your Galaxy S20?

With a phone this expensive, one-thousand times yes! Samsung offers their protection plan at the time of purchase. All cell-phone carriers offer insurance plans, too. However, we recommend getting Upsie smartphone protection.
Upsie offers comprehensive accidental and extended manufacturer coverage. The best part? Plans through Upsie are often up to 70% less expensive simply because they do not over-inflate their margins. For example, a warranty for the Samsung Galaxy S20 from Samsung costs $287.76 with a $99 deductible. A plan from Upsie costs $139.99 with a $49 deductible for repairs and a $99 deductible for replacements. That’s a savings of over $147! Upsie also offers fantastic customer service and a super easy claims process.

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