The TCL 20 SE Smartphone: What You Need to Know

If you feel overwhelmed by the amazing number of smartphones on the market as you search for your next mobile device, prepare to add another contender to the list. Announced in January 2021, the TCL 20 SE series smartphone was released for sale in the U.S. market on April 26, 2021. Are you interested in this new phone but aren’t sure what to expect?
Many smartphone consumers are wondering about the TCL brand and whether it’s the next hot trend. Let’s take a look at this new entry into the smartphone marketplace. We’ll dissect what it has to offer and how you can protect it with an extended smartphone warranty that keeps your mobile operating at full capacity.

What Is the Background on TCL Smartphones?

If you’re like many people, the TCL brand might ring a bell in association with Alcatel or with Blackberry. But maybe not. Even if those brand connections seem familiar, you might not know why. As a Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL isn’t best known for its smartphones, hence working under larger brand names. However, TCL has gained respect as a smart television manufacturer over the past several years and offers soundbars, headphones, and various home comfort products.
The TCL 20 SE isn’t the first smartphone that has come out under the brand header. According to Android Authority, it will release the self-branded TCL 10 series in 2020. In that series, TechRadar dubbed the TCL 10L, “a new budget contender.” They appreciated the 10L’s excellent display, impressive camera array, and slim bezel made for a sharp appearance.
But you aren’t here to read about last year’s releases. Let’s learn more about the 2021 TCL 20 SE.

The TCL 20 SE Is Set for Optimal Media Consumption: But Is That All?

While TCL doesn’t explicitly tout the TCL 20 SE as a streaming sensation in its marketing materials, you can read between the lines. Even easier, you can check out the specifications, and you’ll see the story come together. Featuring a massive 6.82-inch display and 20.5:9 aspect ratio, it’s clear that this phone is intended for serious screen viewing despite its 720 × 1640 resolution. As a budget-friendly smartphone, something has to give somewhere. You’ll still get a great viewing experience out of this phone.

Managing the Screen and Productivity Functions

The TCL 20 SE’s developers took great care to make the large display as easy to manage as possible, including a floating window feature. Once you swipe to the left or right corner of the device, you’ll find an adjustable window giving you the chance to reply to messages while continuing to watch your video without interruption. Once the message window is open, you can move it anywhere you’d like to on the screen.

The Chipset Details

This TCL features last year’s Snapdragon 460 instead of the recently announced, faster and 5G-ready Snapdragon 480. This detail might make your decision, depending on how much you’re looking forward to using 5G capabilities eventually. The chipset now includes 4GB of RAM, which is an unusual step backward from last year’s 6GB of RAM. It’s possible they needed to make some sacrifices to stay on budget and within the capabilities of Snapdragon 460. It’s also possible that many tech companies are scaling back due to the chip shortage. Besides, 4GB is fine for most people’s current needs, so there’s room for a step back up in coming editions. You can select 64GB or 128GB as far as internal storage, depending on the configuration you ultimately choose.

The Camera Specs

For spontaneous photography fans, the 20 SE features four cameras and has a 48MP primary camera. You’ll also find a 5MP wide-angle, a 2MP macro, and a 5MP depth sensor. If you’re snapping photos in dim lighting, the dual LED flash has you covered.
The selfie cam features 8MP at f/2.0 or 13MP at 4/2.2.

The Battery Power

Finally, a 5,000mAh battery powers everything, using a USB Type-C for fast charging.

The Price

The TCL 20 SE is available for around $210, making it an excellent value from a trusted company.

Is the TCL 20 SE the Right Smartphone for You?

Of course, the answer to that question comes down to your personal choices regarding what you want in your smartphone. If you want a budget phone with decent specs, you might love this phone. If you’re used to flagship phones from other brands, you might feel disappointed. However, if you’re to scale back and enjoy all the perks of mobile communications without the bills, this one is fine. Regardless of the brand or model of smartphone you buy, remember to protect it with an Upsie extended smartphone warranty.

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