Everything You Need to Know About the New iPad Pro Tablet

Anybody who’s in the market for a new iPad Pro might want to wait just a little longer. TechRadar wrote that they expect Apple to release the latest version for 2021 any day now. On the other hand, Apple hasn’t released many details or even committed to a release date. Let’s piece together the news and rumors about the 2021 iPad Pro tablet computer to figure out what to expect.

What’s Known About the 2021 iPad Pro Tablet?

Apple released its 2020 version of the iPad Pro around March of last year. Since they haven’t announced the 2021 version yet, it’s possible that a spokesperson will have an update during the Spring Apple Event on April 20, 2021. On the other hand, some rumors have put a damper on any expectations for a quick release. Perhaps because of the pandemic, Apple has suffered some production delays that may affect the new iPad’s release date.
No rumors have suggested a price for the new iPad Pro either. Last year, the 11-inch screen started at $799, and the 12.9-inch screen retailed for $999. It’s fair to assume that Apple might release the latest model with similar pricing in place. Also, anybody who might find last year’s model satisfactory might want to wait for the release to see if Apple will reduce the price of the 2020 version to sell excess inventory.
So, what’s different about the new iPad Pro for 2021? Look for these possibilities:
  • Display: Many industry watchers expect a mini-LED screen display. An LED provides better contrast than an LCD and doesn’t have the common OLED issue of burn-in.
  • Case design: Some renderings of the new design suggested that the new device will look similar to the older one but with a flatter and more square shape.
  • Performance: Some rumors suggest that the 2021 iPad Pro will come with chip that’s comparable to the new M1 chips in Mac computers.
  • Connectivity: People have also speculated that Apple will include 5G connectivity in the new iPad Pro, a first for any Apple tablets.
If the new iPad Pro for 2021 can deliver on improved performance and 5G connectivity, it might prove worth the wait and a few extra dollars. Otherwise, shoppers might feel very satisfied to save some money on last year’s iPad Pro or a similar tablet. Shoppers who need to buy a tablet computer right now might take a look at these suggestions for the best 2021 tablets on the market.

Protecting a New iPad Tablet Computer

These new tablet computers appear to offer many of the best features of phones and computers, all combined in one compact and portable device. Of course, the top-end tablets also cost as much as more expensive phones and computers, so anybody who buys one, will probably expect their device to last for years.
An Upsie warranty can help fulfill that expectation by providing robust protection, great customer service, and access to certified techs. In fact, Apple fans will be happy to learn that Upsie warranties even cover repairs performed at Apple’s Genius bar, other certified local repair services, and a mail-in option with all postage paid. Upsie warranties even cover such accidental damages as drops or spills, plus each service only requires a $25 deductible with absolutely no hidden fees.
Get started by reviewing the clear details and pricing on the Upsie iPad Pro extended warranty page. Customers have up to 60 days to register their iPad with Upsie, so there’s no reason to make a rushed decision about protection plans at a sales counter. Spend time researching the latest updates and features for tablet computers and then make the simple choice to protect the device with an Upsie warranty.

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