Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Keyboard Covers and Cases

The new Galaxy Tab S8 lineup is impressive and can even function as a laptop replacement when paired with the right keyboard covers. CNET reviewers felt so impressed with Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab S8 product lineup that they said this newest lineup of large-screen tablets would quickly become the new best friend of people who frequently attend online meetings.
CNET also compared these devices to an Android laptop and not a typical tablet computer. The new tablets run with an Android operating system, but they can connect to a keyboard to transform into a laptop.

5 Keyboard Covers to Transform a Galaxy Tab S8 into a Laptop

So, what’s the difference between a tablet and a laptop computer? When the Tab S8 Ultra sports a large 14.6-inch display, that’s a good question. A tablet generally uses a touchscreen and a virtual keyboard. A laptop offers a physical keyboard, but it might not have a touchscreen. Generally, people think of laptops as much larger than tablets, but Samsung offers tablet screens that rival many laptops.
To make the tablet function as a laptop, users can buy a keyboard cover, which essentially props the screen up and attaches a connected keyboard. Since the Tab S8, S8 Pro, and S8 Ultra vary in size, they require differently sized covers. Make sure to check the model that the seller specifies for the tablet when shopping.
Start exploring options with these five keyboard covers for the base model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8:
  • Samsung Slim Book Cover Keyboard: The manufacturer uses high-quality materials and offers a reliable, durable choice. It’s adjustable for the perfect angle and comes with a stylus holder. It’s also expensive, priced at $140.
  • Fintie Keyboard Case: This model only costs $37. Digital Trends rated it best for a combination of utility and value. It comes with a backlit keyboard, an excellent keyboard, and durable ABS materials. It also functions well as a case to protect the tablet and screen.
  • ProCase Keyboard Case: Priced at just $35, the ProCase offers the stylish look of leather. The keyboard offers an effective tactile response, and the entire case forms a thin and lightweight barrier.
  • Infiland Backlit Keyboard Cover: Like the Fintie, the Infiland cover offers a backlit keyboard. It also allows users to adjust the tablet’s angle and closes securely. Expect to pay $52.
  • Nulaxy KM12: This backbit keyboard attaches and detaches from the tablet magnetically. The product does not function as a tablet case, but it can work as a stand to hold the tablet upright. It retails for $19.
The manufacturer’s case from Samsung may offer the most reliable choice. At the same time, several third parties make competitive keyboard covers for a fraction of the price. Most people will probably also want to buy a stylus, so buying one of the best keyboard covers from another manufacturer offers an attractive option.

Protect a Galaxy Tab S8 With an Extended Warranty

Galaxy Tab S8 Series tablet owners can make their devices more versatile with a keyboard cover. A keyboard case may also protect the tablet and its sensitive screen. Since many third-party keyboard covers don’t cost much and work well, they are a solid investment.
Despite the care tablet owners take, these useful and portable devices often get damaged because of spills, drops, or power surges. Sadly, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects for a short time.
For more comprehensive and long-term protection, choose Upsie. Upsie provides affordable extended warranties for the Galaxy Tab S8 to ensure that tablets stay in the best condition possible. In addition, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than retail warranty competitors, offers 24-7 live claims by phone, and lets customers enjoy local or mail-in service from certified technicians.
The Galaxy Tab S8 Series offers an innovative product that can function as a tablet with a touchscreen or a laptop with a keyboard. An innovative, customer-focused warranty company like Upsie provides the perfect companion to one of these handy devices.

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