The Top TV Models from Sony for 2020

The TV market continues to be pretty hot in 2020. Budget brands are cranking out impressive 4K sets at prices that might surprise you. At the same time, the big brands like Samsung, LG and Sony continue to innovate and produce ever more powerful products.
Sony has always been a powerhouse in the TV market, and they continue to produce fine work in 2020. You won’t find bargain basement prices in this brand, so we recommend protecting your new Sony TV with an extended warranty right away.
Curious which Sony TV models are the best bets for 2020? There are plenty of models to choose from! Upsie helps you decide with our guide to some of the top Sony TV models for 2020.

Best 4K OLED: Sony KD-55A8

Our top pick 4K OLED TV from Sony is the KD-55A8. What this TV lacks in catchy model name it makes up for with an impressive feature set. This smart TV runs Android TV and supports three different HDR formats: HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. 4K resolution is the new standard, and while 8K sets do exist, you’re likely to be plenty satisfied with 4K for years to come.
Much has been made recently of OLED screens, now that all the top Android and Apple phones have them. What makes OLED better? In short, nearly everything. Everything looks more natural with OLED. True blacks can be, well, true black, because an OLED can be powered off at the pixel level, for actually black black. OLED sets are also more power efficient, and they can be flexible (though this one, clearly, is not).
There’s more to say about this 55-inch display, and if you want to go deeper, check out What Hi-Fi’s review.

Midrange in Price and Size: Sony KD-49XH9505

Seriously, somebody needs to talk to Sony about how they name these things. Despite the jumbled mess of a name, the KD-49XH9505 is a great choice if you need to trim things down a bit. These massive TVs may look great at the store, but for those of us living in the real world, sometimes 49 or 50 inches is about all we can cram comfortably into our homes.
So, if you’re looking for a 49-inch TV that (just barely) stays under $1000, this is our top Sony recommendation. It’s got 4K, Android TV, all sorts of inputs, and HDR support in three flavors. For the price, you do sacrifice OLED gorgeousness. This is an LCD with LED backlight model instead. Still, the internals are impressive, the TV looks great, and the system is buttery smooth.

Best LED Display with Size Options: Sony X950H

Sony also makes an excellent LED line of televisions. The X950H series is a 4K option that avoids some of the potential downsides of OLED and also adds premium touches to offset some of the traditional weaknesses with LED.
Available in five sizes, starting at 49 inches and scaling all the way up to 85 inches, this model can fit just about any room. Sony took extra care with this model to address viewing angle concerns, so it’s better than most LED TVs in this area. Still, even with extra effort, this model can’t compare with the OLED model reviewed earlier.
Like the others, this series also supports HDR. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate, making it a great choice for gaming and sports. This TV family has also garnered praise for excellent peak brightness, so it’s a better choice for sunny rooms.

Quality Extended Warranty Protection for Sony TVs

Sony TV models are known for a lot of things, like quality, consistency, and brilliance. If you’re searching for a bargain-priced budget-friendly TV, you’re probably not shopping for a Sony. On the other hand, if you are in the market for a Sony, it’s worth protecting your (likely sizable) investment.
If you buy it new, your Sony TV will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. But this warranty will be short and likely limited in ways that are not helpful to you as a consumer. The best way to protect your new investment is to purchase an extended TV warranty.
Upsie offers extended TV warranties in two, three or five year terms. Upsie warranties cover screen burn-in, mechanical failure, power failure, screen failure, speaker failure, button failure and even Wi-Fi failure. Just about anything that could go wrong with your Sony TV will be covered by our surprisingly affordable extended TV warranties. Upsie warranties are priced right and have $0 deductibles, making them an obvious choice for protecting your new television.
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