The Best Protection Plan for Your Steam Deck Is From Upsie

Those lucky enough to land a Steam Deck probably found themselves searching for a suitable protection plan. Steam Deck's manufacturer grants a 12-month standard limited warranty with each device, however, it's quite literally limited in what it offers. Thankfully, for those looking to either bolster or extend Steam Deck's standard warranty, Upsie has the answer with their gaming console protection plans!

What Is the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck handheld gaming computer was first released in February 2022. Reservations opened seven months earlier, and they sold out immediately. Still today, the Steam Deck, is hard to get your hands on.
This popular device is manufactured by Valve. They are known for some of the biggest video gaming franchises of all time, including Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Portal.
Their all-new Steam Deck console is not dissimilar to Nintendo's ever-popular Switch in some regards. However,  it also promises PC-quality gaming experiences on the go and can even connect to a PC docking station.
Reviews have loved this device, including TechRadar that called it, "A killer handheld." At the same time, the console's early life hasn't been without problems, including reports of battery faults and joystick drift issues.

Steam Deck Standard Limited Warranty

Valve's Steam Deck comes with a 12-month standard limited warranty. The Steam Deck's warranty chiefly serves to cover the console in the event of manufacturing defects. Valve will also cover issues with workmanship under normal consumer use for one year from the date that a Steam Deck ships.
As standard warranties go, it's in line with many other manufacturers' offerings. So, while far from comprehensive, it's by no means unusual in what it serves to cover. That said, with the Steam Deck being an entirely new proposition for Valve, it's a shame that the manufacturer hasn't sought to provide a longer warranty.
Customers experiencing issues like battery faults and joystick drift are already filing warranty claims. Others, worried about similar problems, are understandably keen to protect their purchases by upgrading their warranty coverage with a protection plan.

Meet Upsie's Steam Deck Protection Plan

Anyone looking to bolster, upgrade, or extend their Steam Deck warranty can do precisely that with an Upsie protection plan. Valve's Steam Deck is an all-new, largely cutting-edge piece of tech. As such, it's to be expected that at least some buyers will experience teething problems and other issues.
Upsie's video gaming protection plan provide complete peace of mind under all manner of other circumstances. With a new Steam Deck protection plan from Upsie, buyers have peace of mind against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures for just a low monthly rate.
Furthermore, all Upsie video gaming protection plans include damage protection for life's uh-ohs at no extra cost. That includes coverage for accidental drops, cracks, liquid spills, and more. It's an especially valuable addition in light of the Steam Deck's handheld and portable nature.
All of Upsie's protection plans are reliable coverage, affordable, and easy to understand plans. Other perks include a choice of local repair and replacement options, up to two claims per year, and free cancelation at any time.

How to Buy an Upsie Protection Plan

Securing an Steam Deck Protection Plan with Upsie is easy. If you are reading this in the future, eligibility is open to Valve Steam Decks purchased in the last 4 years so you have plenty of time to get yours protected! After purchasing your protection plan, activate your Steam Deck coverage answer a few simple questions. Later, if you make a claim, the Upsie team will already have all the information they need.
A choice of Steam Deck protection plans for both new and used or refurbished consoles is available all at once convenient monthly price of $1.99 - much less than protection sold by store retailers. For the best protection at the best price, choose Upsie.

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