Upsie, a better way to warranty

The smarter way to warranty.

Less pressure, lower prices, better service


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Why Upsie?

Our plans are designed for you: real humans with lives and devices you depend on.

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Really affordable warranties

Save up to 70% compared to in-store warranties

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Confusion-free coverage

Clear plan coverage and terms with no surprise fees

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Uncompromising customer service

24-7 claims with real people in the US

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"We're confident Upsie is going to take great care of our members - whether they're at home, on the road, or traveling the country."

-Skyler McKinley, regional director of public affairs for AAA

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Why Do You Warranty?

My Dog loves to help me with work.
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Reason #368:

My Dog loves to help me with work.

I <del>love</del> <ins>need</ins> my morning coffee over emails.
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Reason #34:

I love need my morning coffee over emails.

I love VR but I'm clumsy in actual reality.
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Reason #3126:

I love VR but I'm clumsy in actual reality.

Warranties that work for you, not them.

We'll let you in on a little secret: most warranty providers are taking advantage of you.

From "coverage" that covers next to nothing to the high-priced plans meant to pad retailer's pockets, the extended warranty business is long overdue for an upgrade - one that better fits people's needs.

And that's where we come in.

The transparency and customer service you deserve

Talk with a Real Human in the USA

An actual person will take your claims phone calls 24/7/365

Reach claims decision in one phone call

You’ll know if your claim is covered on the first call.*

Unhappy? We’ll make it better

If you cancel your plan, you’ll receive a refund in 10 days.** Haven’t met these expectations? We’ll reimburse your deductible cost or credit your Upsie account $10.

*You may be asked for a photo to clarify the claim

**Only if there are no claims on the plan. Prorated if after 30 days

"Extremely happy with Upsie service. I had my iPhone screen break. Called on a Sunday to place the claim & on Monday had an appointment at a local shop. It was fixed in an hour!!"
Jenny F.