GoPro Volta Review: A Camera Tripod and Wireless Controller

GoPro has launched several camera grips over the years, including models that extend and float. The versatile GoPro Volta can function as a grip, wireless controller, and extensible tripod. These features make it a convenient option that can replace various other accessories.

Highlights of the GoPro Volta Battery-Powered Camera Grip

GoPro earned its reputation for developing excellent action cameras rather than for producing photography accessories. Right now, the GoPro Hero 10 Black tops many lists as the best example of this type of action camera.
TechRadar says that one thing that helps the brand’s reputation is a commitment to producing practical, portable accessories. The publication also described the Volta grip as a great example. The GoPro Volta works well as a comfortable camera grip, and the grip’s power supply even helps extend the camera’s battery. In addition, it can extend to function as a sturdy tripod, and the Volta can serve as a wired or wireless GoPro controller.

GoPro Volta Prices and Availability

Photographers who already own a GoPro can buy the Volta as a stand-alone accessory. The grip retails for $90.99 with a GoPro subscription or $129.99 without this subscription.
People who still need to purchase a Hero 10 Black might consider the bundle included with the Creator Edition. The bundle costs $531.95 for new subscribers, $581.96 for current GoPro subscribers, and $784.95 with no subscription. Since the subscription costs $49.99, it makes sense to try it out to take advantage of the discounted prices.

Who Will Benefit From a GoPro Volta Grip?

This versatile grip offers a lot of advantages. For instance, it can work as an extra charger, comfortable grip, sturdy tripod, and remote control. On the negative side, it’s weather-resistant but not waterproof and relatively expensive without the GoPro subscription. According to Digital Camera World, the setup feels rather heavy. On the other hand, this grip functions as multiple devices in one, so it’s also a solution for people who need portable gear.
People who want to buy a new GoPro Hero Back 10 and are willing to join the company’s subscription service get the best deal on the Creator Edition. It includes the GoPro camera, Volta grip, plus a Media Mod that provides extra ports, a mic, and lighting for the setup. The bundle with the subscription offers good value at a much lower price than purchasing everything on its own.

Extended Warranties for GoPro Cameras and Accessories

Serious photographers end up investing in their cameras and gear. In particular, people who plan to buy and use an action camera setup know they risk exposing their equipment to the risk of environmental damage or accidents. That’s why photographers appreciate the additional protection offered by Upsie’s extended warranty for cameras and camera lenses.
Highlights of Upsie’s affordable extended warranties include:
  • Two-year and three-year protection plans
  • The choice between certified local or pre-paid mail-in repairs
  • Broad protection against cracked screens and lenses, power failures, mechanical problems, and accidental damage
With a GoPro subscription, the GoPro Hero 10 Back Creator’s Edition offers good value. It includes everything needed for pro and serious amateurs, including a mic, multi-purpose grip, lights, and the camera. Likewise, Upsie offers customers premium service and robust protection that costs 70 percent less than competitors’ prices. Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for cameras bought in the last 60 days.
Purchase an Upsie extended warranty today to ensure long-lasting protection.

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