The Best Camera and Lens Warranty for Photographers

Both professional and amateur photographers can spend small fortunes on camera equipment. In which case, an extended warranty is vital. However, deciding on one or more policies to cover those all-important cameras and lenses can be a real headache. Before shopping around, it’s a good idea to whittle down the most important requirements of any camera, video camera, or lens warranty.
To make things as easy as possible, we’ve come up with a trio of must-haves for any extended camera or lens warranty. Best of all, they’re all available from Upsie at up to 70 percent less than the cost of service agreements sold elsewhere.

Accidental Damage Protection

By their very nature, cameras, video cameras, and lenses have an inherent risk of accidental damage. While standard limited manufacturer warranties help protect against defects and other faults early on in a product’s life, they’re not much help beyond that. Limited warranties certainly don’t protect against accidental mishaps, which is where extended warranties become essential.
Therefore, when choosing an extended warranty for a camera, one or more lenses, or both, ensure the warranties includes accidental damage coverage. The most comprehensive accidental damage protection covers drops, cracks, liquid spills, and any other unfortunate eventualities caused unintentionally.

Unlimited Claims

Any extended warranty is only ever as good as its claims process. Unfortunately, one area where warranties fall short is the number of permitted claims. For example, many companies that provide camera and lens warranties cap claims at just one or two per year. This means that camera owners lose protection should they exceed this limit, particularly without realizing that a cap is in place.
And while truly unlimited claims aren’t feasible for any extended warranty provider, near-unlimited claims are. At least, that’s the case with Upsie. All of Upsie’s policies come with unlimited claims up to a product’s purchase price.
For example, if a customer has a camera with a purchase price of $3,000, and Upsie organizes a repair with a total bill of $200, they would have $2,800 in otherwise unlimited claims remaining. It’s as simple as that, but it’s a provision rarely offered by other warranty providers, which makes Upsie stand out.

Choice of Repair and Replacement Options

Cameras, video cameras, and lenses are never a one-size-fits-all proposition. A carefully considered purchase in almost every instance, it’s important, therefore, to be just as considered when it comes to choosing an extended warranty. The best extended camera warranty solutions are those carefully tailored toward customers and their needs.
Things like a choice of repair and replacement options, for example, are a must-have. Upsie’s camera and lens warranties are an excellent case in point. For example, with Upsie, free two-day round-trip shipping for cameras, video cameras, and lenses to be repaired and returned is included. Alternatively, customers can work with a certified local repair shop in their area.
Customers can also request to take their equipment to a nearby favorite camera shop of their choosing. And if, in the unfortunate event that a camera cannot be fixed, Upsie will replace it. All of this is available for the price of Upsie’s industry-leading low deductible of just $25 on camera warranty claims.
That’s why the best camera and lens warranty for photographers is from Upsie! Upsie offers camera warranties, lens warranties, and video camera warranties.

Save Up to 70 Percent With Upsie

In addition to accidental damage protection, unlimited claims up to a product’s purchase price, and a choice of repair and replacement options, Upsie also costs up to 70 percent less than competitors. By cutting out intermediaries and working directly with customers, Upsie is able to offer lower prices than options elsewhere.
The result is comprehensive coverage and outstanding customer service at the best price. All of this comes in addition to complete protection against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures for up to three years.
Extended camera and lens warranty solutions are available for equipment from all major brands. Upsie’s policies are now even more affordable than ever.
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