The Peloton Guide and Movement Tracker Improve Workouts

Peloton has become a mainstream fitness brand with extraordinary bike and treadmill products. Peloton has loyal fans who can’t wait to hop on for the next live online class.
Despite Peloton’s amazing popularity, the brand isn’t adored by all. After all, fitness fanatics who don’t care for exercise bikes or indoor treadmills have so far been neglected by Peloton’s limited product lineup. The company is hoping to change all that after releasing the Peloton Guide.
Not sure what the Peloton Guide is or how it can help those who typically avoid Peloton devices? Keep reading to learn all about this interesting new opportunity — and to discover how its Movement Tracker functionality can help keep workout warriors motivated.

What Is Peloton Guide?

Consumers are no doubt familiar with the bikes and treadmills that Peloton has sold to millions of customers. The Peloton Guide, however, looks completely different from anything the company has released so far.
Simply put, Peloton Guide is a smart camera that can be used to correct flaws and weaknesses in the user’s workout routine. With help from machine learning and AI, the Guide camera can tell if certain exercises and movements need to be modified. While the idea of working out in front of a camera can prompt a lot of self-deprecating humor, the whole system works wonders for those in need of targeted feedback.

Breaking Down Movement Tracker

Some fitness enthusiasts have difficulty hitting the gym or completing tough home workouts without extra motivation. Whether they seek help from workout buddies, expensive gym memberships, or the social aspect of group classes, fitness enthusiasts often find they are far more successful when they have a little additional support. This is where Movement Tracker comes into the picture.
Peloton has leaned heavily on the concept of social fitness — the idea that people want to share their workout accomplishments with others. This concept has proven successful for apps such as Strava, in which people can share their journeys and milestones with friends and family.

The Peloton Guide is a Rewarding Experience

Peloton Guide features dozens of new badges and awards that users can earn via the new device. In addition, the Movement Tracker technology inside the camera can keep track of the number of reps completed — and display this information back to the user. Looking to break that personal best for squats? Movement Tracker can tally them up to keep the math to a minimum. Social fitness fans will utilize this tool when comparing their workouts with close friends.
Movement Tracker also acts as a hard-nosed personal trainer who won’t let the user skimp on those last few repetitions. Once an exercise or movement series begins, the Movement Tracker will appear on the screen. Since the Peloton Guide watches every rep, it can tell when the user has slowed down or stopped altogether.
Once the desired number of repetitions has been reached (tracked by a blue sweat droplet gradually filling up on the screen), the Guide will give the user credit for the full set. If the user doesn’t complete the number of reps in a specific amount of time, the penalty isn’t harsh. The Guide simply won’t provide credit for the workout that was cut short. Thankfully, this does not result in the set being started over again from square one — the workout just continues to the next exercise.
While some consumers dismiss Peloton products due to their expensive price tags, the Guide is a mass-market option. The device itself costs $295, with membership packages starting at $24 a month. It’s a far cry from the several thousand dollars people can expect to shell out for a bike or treadmill. So can the Guide — along with Movement Tracker — serve as a lower-cost option for those looking to get in on the social fitness trend? The quick and easy answer: absolutely.

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