Earbuds Versus Headphones for Working Out

A RockMyRun survey found that most people would have no motivation to exercise without music. In the gym, that invariably means donning a pair of headphones. Much the same is true when running, cycling, or otherwise enjoying a workout in the great outdoors. Even for those who prefer to keep fit at home, headphones are often the go-to means of enjoying music while tackling a workout.
So, which are best — traditional on-ear headphones or more compact earbuds? For the most part, it depends on the workout. Keep reading to learn whether headphones or earbuds are right for your workout routine.

Headphones Versus Earbuds

RockMyRun’s survey found that 65 percent of people rely on music for motivation while exercising and that hip-hop and pop music were the most popular genres to listen to. When choosing a pair of headphones or earbuds for working out, this preference is always worth considering.
For example, rock fans are likely to want a pair of headphones or earbuds that provide heavy bass. Meanwhile, pop music lovers will generally benefit from choosing a pair that boasts good all-around performance.
Workout style is another important consideration as well. Generally speaking, those tackling more cardio-focused workouts, like running, will typically benefit from a lightweight, unobtrusive pair of in-ear buds. Earbuds are also often sweat-proof and easier to clean. On the other hand, those focused on strength training and similar may prefer a pair of traditional over-the-ear headphones. Headphones often have better noise cancellation as well.
Ultimately the decision will come down to personal taste. Still, it’s essential to consider fit, durability, waterproofing, and more before buying a new pair of headphones or earbuds, especially when looking at costlier makes and models.

Earbuds for Working Out

Earbuds are the most obvious choice for workouts that need a snug fit with sweat-proofing and noise-canceling abilities. Almost all major earbud manufacturers now produce one or more styles designed especially for exercising and keeping fit. Some companies make feature-packed, fully waterproof options for those who like to swim.
Customarily, a wireless model will be the most convenient. Prices vary from under $50 to $200 or more. Right now, among the best sweatproof wireless earbuds for running and other workouts are Anker’s $50 Soundcore Life A1s, Jabra’s $100 Elite Active 45e headset-style model, and Bose’s slightly costlier Sport Earbuds, priced at $179.

Headphones for Working Out

If you prefer a more comfortable fit, on-ear headphones can also lend themselves well to time spent working out. While not ideal for running or cycling, they’re a perfectly acceptable means of enjoying music while lifting weights, for example. Unfortunately, most pairs lack any form of meaningful waterproofing or resistance to sweat, which is important to keep in mind.
However, where that’s not an issue, there are countless options from which to choose. Many of the best over-the-ear headphones for audiophiles will also suit keen gym-goers. Affordable options include Sony’s best-selling WH-XB910N wireless headphones.
Skullcandy also produces a range of headphones and earbuds perfect for working out. They are often stylish-looking and some of the most affordable on the market as well. Everyone from rock and pop music lovers to rap and hip-hop fans should be able to find a pair that’s perfect among Skullcandy’s ever-growing lineup.

Benefits of Enjoying Music While Working Out

Fitness fans turn to music while working out for various reasons. Chief among these is to boost their mood — a benefit reported by almost a third of respondents. Meanwhile, other people say that listening to their favorite music helped them focus above all else. Staying focused while exercising will help individuals in the gym get better workouts.
Twenty percent of people also said that music helped to serve as a distraction from physical exertion, especially during tougher workouts. Others said music helps them feel energized and focused, according to those who took part in the survey.
Most crucially, though, was the revelation that, without music to listen to, less than one-third of people would feel motivated enough to hit the gym or otherwise tackle a workout regularly. With that, it’s clear to see just how meaningful the link between music and exercising truly is.
Accordingly, it’s vital not to overlook the significance of choosing the perfect pair of headphones or earbuds for the task at hand, whatever those may be.

Extended Headphone Warranty

With the perfect headphones or earbuds picked out, be sure to pick up an extended headphone warranty before hitting the gym or going for a run. Upsie’s warranties include protection against manufacturer defects, mechanical failures, and numerous other faults. Crucially, Upsie also covers accidental damage, which is vital for headphones and earbuds frequently worn when working out.
Best of all, Upsie’s policies are comprehensive and easy to understand. Moreover, they’re affordable and often cost up to 70% less than comparable warranties from retailers and manufacturers.
Upsie customers can also tap into many of the same benefits with a growing choice of fitness equipment warranty solutions.
Protection is available for treadmills, climbers, exercise bikes, and rowing machines from most major brands.

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