Upsie Headphone Warranty: How It Works

Whatever your personal listening pleasure is, you need dependable headphones to keep everything connected. Music buffs and others have treasured headphones and earphones for more than half a century. And brands keep creating more varieties of every quality, style, and price point.

Why Purchase an Extended Warranty?

The endless stream of choices makes it challenging to find the right headphones or earbuds to suit your personal needs, budget, and listening style, especially when prices soar. However, no matter the price, audiophiles still prioritize the safe-keeping of their headphones.
Despite quality development, engineering, and manufacturing, listening to music through headphones and earphones exposes the device to wear and tear. Both wireless and wired options are vulnerable. For example, wired headphones may experience cord shorting and severing issues, while wireless headphones are likely to have problems with BlueTooth and connectivity.
When your headphones experience issues such as premature wear, an Upsie extended warranty is imperative. With an extended warranty, the repair process is simple. Rather than hassling and maneuvering with complicated terms and conditions, simply make your claim with Upsie’s 24/7 claims representatives. In addition, Upsie customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
In short, headphones and earbuds are not infallible, despite the focus on high quality. Upsie’s extended headphone warranty continually steps up to honor brand promises to loyal customers. Upsie arranges fast repairs for headphones while letting manufacturers continue working to improve their brand.

How Does an Upsie Extended Headphone Warranty Work for You?

Whether you refer to it as an insurance or protection plan or extended warranty, an Upsie extended warranty is a valuable tool to protect and extend the life of your earphones or headphones.
Unfortunately, many customers fear that their warranty purchase is worthless and that the hoops they will need to jump through won’t be worth the effort and expense. However, FindLaw recommends that consumers take the time and do their homework to learn about their chosen warranty and how to use it to their advantage.
Upsie is on your side and ready to help you resolve any issues you might encounter with your earbuds or enclosed headphones.

The Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Is a Short-Term Solution

Each time someone purchases an electronic product, the seller provides the standard limited manufacturer or retail warranty. Depending on the brand, product, and seller, this brief plan might last a few weeks or months, but rarely longer than that. These perfunctory warranties offer a compromise to the customer, letting them know the manufacturer and seller stand behind the product.
Companies like Upsie have stepped up to account for accidents and manufacturer defects that don’t always show up for several months to a year or more, leaving a customer with useless ear-gear and no choice but to purchase another pair.

Here Is How an Upsie Headphone Warranty Works for You

Upsie ensures you get the longest life out of your headphones. As a result, Upsie offer two-year and three-year warranties on a broad range of headphone brands and models. For example, Upsie offers warranties for Anker, Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, Klipsch, Logitech, Marshall, Panasonic, Samsung, Sennheiser, and Skullcandy. Upsie also covers a range of models, costing from $49 and below to a pair up to $1,999.
Here is how a warranty works for you, according to Upsie’s handy How It Works page:
  • Buy the right warranty for your product up to 60 days after your headphones purchase, whether new or used.
  • Mark your calendar. Your coverage for plans with accidental damage begins 31 days after your purchase date. If your plan does not include accidental coverage, allow the manufacturer’s warranty to run out first.
  • File a claim 24/7/365 with a live Upsie customer service claims representative.
  • Use a local tech, ship it in, or in-home repair when possible. Upsie offers product replacement if repair is not possible.
An Upsie headphone warranty ensures customers get the most out of their headphones. So customers can rest easy knowing that Upsie has their back.

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