Sonos Voice Speaker Rumors and Leaks

Sonos is one of the top name brands when it comes to speakers. Pitted against JBL, Bose, and other hot offerings, Sonos usually comes out on top with their high-quality sound. Audiophiles love Sonos soundbars and portable speakers, and their wired speakers give Amazon Alexa a run for her money!

Sonos Voice Rumors and Leaks

Sonos speakers come in a bunch of vibrant colors and sizes. A few of their latest models include the Sonos Roam SL, Sonos Move, and the Sonos Ray. However, lately, there are tons of Sonos voice rumors floating around about a new Sonos smart speaker that the company plans to release later this year. Here is what we know so far.
One of the most exciting rumors is the news that Sonos plans on developing a speaker with a built-in voice assistant (much like the Alexa devices) but more secure and private. The word on the street is that the Sonos smart speaker won’t be able to answer a bunch of questions. But you won’t have to deal with targeted ads either. Most likely, the device will simply include voice-activated commands to control playback, volume, check battery level, and music selection. In addition, excited audio experts think that the Sonos voice-controlled speaker will connect with various music apps such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, and Sonos’ own radio service.
Also leaked on the web is the news that Sonos will release a very affordable soundbar for $249. If it has the robust quality of other Sonos speakers, it is sure to be a winner.
Another exciting rumor that is believed to be true is that Sonos plans on releasing its first set of headphones later this year. Music lovers expect the quality to be sublime. Although the details are sparse, experts think the headphones will include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, giving fans options. The headphones are expected to cost around $300.
Along with the leak about headphones, there is also talk of a pair of Sonos earbuds that will soon hit the market.
Overall, there is a lot of speculation about new products coming from Sonos, but they are based on good information, and the truth will be told later this year.

Have You Considered the Warranty?

It’s exciting to think about more interesting tech gadgets entering the market soon. You probably own at least one smart speaker or Bluetooth device right now. Sonos makes high-quality sound equipment, and these new products are likely to be very popular quickly.
However, whenever you purchase expensive sound equipment with a lot of complex electronics under the hood, you need to think about the warranty. Before you bought your Alexa device, did you consider the smart speaker warranty?
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An Upsie extended Bluetooth speaker warranty is far more affordable than competitors. Customers love that Upsie’s coverage is transferable if you sell the device. Plus, you can contact claims support any time night or day. In addition, Upsie uses local certified technicians for repairs, or you can choose to send the device in, and Upsie will pay for two-day shipping.
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