Sony LinkBuds: Truly Wireless Earbuds

Many people are calling Sony LinkBuds the strangest pair of earbuds around. However, despite the name-calling, they are also touted as one of the best sounding pair of headphones for calls and low-bass music.

Sony LinkBuds: What’s All the Fuss About?

Many people don’t like headphones that stick inside the ear canal. That’s what makes Apple AirPods so popular and now Sony’s LinkBuds. Critics call Sony LinkBuds odd-looking, but they sit comfortably in the ear without feeling too snug or invasive.
These wireless earbuds fall in the category of “open-style” earbuds that allow the listener to hear noises in their environment, making the LinkBuds ideal for walking or biking outside. If you’re concerned about safety, these may be the earbuds for you. Sony named them LinkBuds to “connect your offline and online worlds.” Reviewers claim that these earbuds are so comfortable you can wear them all day long.
According to Sony’s online listing for the LinkBuds, here are the main features:
  • Unique open ring driver links your content and what’s happening in your surroundings
  • Crystal-clear conversations with high-quality sound
  • Integrated V1 Processor for balanced, high-quality sound
  • Precise Voice Pickup technology for crystal clear phone calls
  • Up to 5.5 hours of battery and a total of up to 17.5 hours with the charging case
  • IPX4 splash-proof and sweat-proof design
  • Ultra-small and light for a fit that stays all-day
  • Control audio by tapping in front of your ears
  • Adaptive Volume Control optimizes sound to your environment
Another perk with this pair is that they are some of the smallest earbuds on the market. In addition, users really enjoy the convenient controls and immersive sound quality. Amazingly, instead of fumbling around trying to find volume buttons or forward/back controls, you can actually tap in front of your ears to control playback! You can also customize these controls in the Sony app.
Another great feature of these tiny earbuds is the Talk-to-Chat feature, where if you start talking, the earbuds will pause and wait 15 seconds and then resume your music after you finish speaking. The headphones are really easy to set up and pair with just about any phone.

The Downside to Sony LinkBuds

As with any product, there are always some downsides. Testers claim that Sony LinkBuds work great for phone calls. You get crisp, clear voices without any static or white noise. However, they do take points off for not having a strong enough bass. If you love really deep bassy music, these might not work well for you.
Additionally, you can’t charge LinkBuds wirelessly like you can with the newer versions of Apple AirPods, and reviewers say the battery life is less than optimal.

Sony LinkBuds Extras

Sony’s LinkBuds come with a charging case with LED to show you how much battery life is left. You charge the earbuds with a USB-C cord. Sony made the case from recycled parts, so if your goals are to be eco-friendly, this pair scores some points there.
LinkBuds include an IPX4 water-resistance rating, so you can wear them while working out, but Sony does not recommend diving into a pool wearing them. You can buy Sony LinkBuds in white or gray, and they sell for $179.

Sony Earbuds Warranty Considerations

Although Sony makes quality, long-lasting products, their devices are not invulnerable to damage. Sony’s Linkbuds have delicate parts that could damage easily. If anything happens to your LinkBuds, you will have to consult the Sony earbuds warranty to see if the damage is covered.
Unfortunately, most manufacturers’ warranties are limited and only cover inherent defects, not accidents or other damage. Instead of relying on the limited warranty, customers should choose to protect their earbuds with Upsie.
Upsie offers the best Sony headphones extended warranty. For example, Upsie’s extended warranties have earned 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and earned the rare Excellent rating on Trustpilot. Customers love Upsie because Upsie offers affordable yet premium protection for electronics.
In contrast to the manufacturer’s warranty, Upsie covers accidental damage from spills, cracks, drops, and water damage. Upsie’s comprehensive coverage also protects from electronic failure, sound issues, mechanical failure, and even manufacturing defects.
In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than competitors’ extended warranties. Customers also can make unlimited claims up to the device’s purchase price, transfer the warranty to the new owner if they sell the device, and access shipped and local repairs.
These tiny earbuds come with a lot of hidden moving pieces, and a lot can go wrong. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your earbuds are completely covered with Upsie!

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