Best Sony Headphones Warranty Options

Your new pair of Sony headphones was a smart purchase, one that will give you untold hours of listening enjoyment. Moreover, if all goes well, your headphones should last you for many years to come since Sony’s products are generally high in quality and long-lasting.
Still, every single device carries a risk of manufacturing defects or early failure. And accidents happen, too. So if you’re interested in protecting your new Sony headphones with an extended warranty, it’s important to know what your options are.
Before considering the top Sony headphones warranty options, take a minute to review what is and isn’t included in the basic manufacturer warranty that came with your new set of headphones.

Sony Headphones Basic Warranty

Sony is known for producing high-quality, reliable electronic devices. In addition, its standard limited warranty for video and audio equipment is pretty straightforward and nothing all that special. For one year, Sony warrants that your device will be “free from defects in material or workmanship.”
If a covered defect occurs in the first year, Sony will either repair or replace the product (though possibly with refurbished parts or a refurbished unit, which is a little disappointing). Essentially, if something goes wrong in the first year and it’s Sony’s fault, Sony will replace the device free of charge.
That’s as far as the basic warranty goes, which is pretty normal for electronics manufacturers these days.

Sony Protect and Sony Protect Plus

Sony offers its own first-party extended protection plans, called Sony Protect and Sony Protect Plus. They appear to be high quality when it comes to actual coverage, as you might expect from a first-party plan.
There’s just one problem.
Sony won’t tell you how much their plans cost in any way, shape, or form without first registering your product and providing both the model number and serial number. So, if you’re just casually looking to find out how much Sony Protect Plus costs and you haven’t yet purchased and received your device— well, you can’t.
In fact, you can’t even know for sure whether Sony Protect is available for your device without this information. When a company works this hard to hide its prices, there’s usually a reason, and it doesn’t usually work out in your favor.
That’s why, despite strong claims of quality service, it’s hard to recommend Sony Protect or Protect Plus for your new Sony headphones.

SquareTrade by Allstate

Once the upstart selling reliable, cheap extended warranties, SquareTrade no longer offers the kind of value it once did. The company was acquired by Allstate, which in some ways increases its clout and trustworthiness. But the increase in prices doesn’t seem like a good trade.
SquareTrade by Allstate doesn’t have a separate category for headphones, but it will protect them under its miscellaneous electronics category. SquareTrade’s prices are based on the device’s purchase price. For example, a $149 pair of headphones would cost $34.99 for three years of standard protection or $54.99 for three years of accident protection.
If you’re protecting a pair of Sony’s $399 flagship headphones, the WH-1000XM4, those figures jump to $64.99 and $94.99, respectively. While the coverage is fair, the overall prices on SquareTrade are just too high.


Upsie’s extended warranty plans for Sony headphones are simple yet comprehensive. In addition, Upsie’s warranties are affordable and cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from other providers.
All of Upsie’s warranty plans are based on the purchase price of the device. For example, two years of coverage for a pair of $149 headphones costs just $18.99, while three years of coverage costs just $25.99.
An Upsie warranty for $399 flagship wireless WH-1000XM4 headphones will cost $42.99 for two years and $65.99 for three.
Upsie warranties are comprehensive and cover mechanical failure, speaker and sound failure, and accidental damage. In addition, customers have the option between local repair shops and prepaid shipped repairs.
Upsie’s plans are affordable and simple to use, and they offer the best protection for your device.
Get your Upsie plan today.

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