Should You Buy an Extended Warranty For Acer Laptops?

Acer has a wide range of laptops from less expensive Chromebooks to premier Gaming laptops that cost a couple of thousand dollars. Whether you need a high-end computer or just a laptop to browse the internet, Acer has you covered.
If you just purchased a new Acer laptop, you’re probably researching the best ways to clean and maintain it. And while proper maintenance is important, an Acer laptop warranty is the best way to protect your laptop in the long run.

Acer Limited Warranty

Acer laptops come with a one-year limited warranty which guarantees the computer will be free from defects for one year after the purchase date. Under the warranty, Acer will cover the cost of parts and labor to repair the defective component or replace the laptop with a comparable model. In addition, there is a 90-day repair warranty for each repair. You can get your device repaired by taking it to an authorized Acer repair center or mailing it.
During the limited warranty period, Acer will also provide free technical support. This support will be available for a fee after the warranty period. This limited warranty does not cover software errors, accidental damage, damage to modified products, or damage on products repaired by non-authorized Acer technicians.

Should You Purchase an Acer Laptop Warranty?

The Acer limited warranty ensures you get your money’s worth in a defect-free laptop. This is great, and customers must know the terms of their limited warranty to ensure their computer is fully functioning as advertised. However, they only last a year and cover defects from workmanship and materials. Ideally, that’s all you would need. But accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared when they do.
An extended  warranty for Acer laptops covers accidental damage for a much longer period than a limited warranty. For example, what if you accidentally drop your laptop and crack the screen two years after the purchase date? No problem! You can get it repaired under your extended warranty. However,  some extended warranties are overpriced and, therefore, not a very good value. When researching extended warranties, ensure it’s comprehensive but not too expensive.

Acer Care Plus

Acer has its own extended warranty option called Acer Care Plus, which extends its limited warranty. It may be easy just to add their extended warranty to your cart while purchasing your new Acer laptop, but ensure you do your research before buying anything because it’s not the best warranty plan.
For example, suppose you want to purchase an extended warranty plan for the $369.99 Swift 1 laptop. To extend your limited warranty by one year, Acer charges $59.99. To extend it for two years it’s $89.99. That doesn’t even cover accidental damage! You can get accidental damage protection for two or three years, costing $139.99 or $189.99, respectively. Having the peace of mind that your computer is protected is important, but that price isn’t worth it.

The Best Laptop Warranty

The best extended warranty for Acer laptops is from Upsie. You can purchase an extended warranty plan for the same Acer Swift 1 laptop for two years for $76.99 or three years for $109.99. Even if you add on the $25 deductible, that’s still a savings of up to $55! Upsie extended warranty plans cover the same manufacturing defects and accidental damage like spills, cracks, and drops.
Even more, making a claim is easy. You can fill out an online form or call Upsie's claim center 24-7-365 to speak to a customer service representative. After your claim is approved, you can choose to take your Acer laptop to a local certified repair shop or mail it to the Upsie repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping.
Acer extended warranties are great, but they are overpriced. Instead, choose Upsie for an affordable, comprehensive, and hassle-free extended warranty plan that will save you money and prolong your laptop’s lifespan.

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