Upsie Laptop Warranty: How it Works for You

People buy new electronics every minute of the day, often wondering if they should buy a warranty and which one is best. One area where people don’t like to scrimp or take any unnecessary risks is with the purchase of a laptop computer.
In 2020 and amid COVID-19 restrictions, consumers purchased 302 million laptop computers for remote work and managing online shopping, which became essential during mass lockdowns. That’s a 13% increase in sales from the previous year and the most laptops sold since 2014.
Regardless of the current COVID status, computers have become essential components of most people’s daily lives and require upkeep and quick repair. Do you rely heavily on your laptop computer for work, learning, daily needs, and entertainment? If so, you probably want the best extended laptop warranty from Upsie.
However, you might wonder how an Upsie laptop extended warranty works. Here are some things you should know.

What Is the Upsie Extended Laptop Warranty?

An extended laptop computer warranty from Upsie covers several brands, lines, and models; new, used, and refurbished. Basically, if you buy a laptop, Upsie can help you cover it by providing repairs and, if necessary, replacements.

Laptops and Accessories Upsie Covers

If you can’t quite believe that Upsie covers a broad range of laptop brands, let’s take a look at a list of manufacturers Upsie covers:
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Apple MacBook
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • And many others
In addition to covering all your favorite laptop brands, Upsie covers older models and the latest releases. So you can rest assured that Upsie will cover your laptop and any accessories you need to make it more effective.

How Does the Upsie Laptop Insurance Plan Work for You?

Many times, consumer electronics warranties are confusing and often intentionally so. Manufacturers and big box stores often create more confusion for customers than is necessary or expected. They do this by omitting details or burying vital information in a wall of text filled with legal jargon. If you’re like most busy customers, you don’t have time to try to wade through confusing language.
You need a company to tell you the facts in plain language. Upsie is happy to provide electronics customers with easy-to-understand information about the coverage for each product.
Here is how your Upsie laptop warranty works.

Purchase Your Favorite Laptop

Again, with a huge list of covered laptops with Upsie, buy your favorite laptop. Take it home, and become familiar with how it works while enjoying the manufacturer’s limited warranty. The operative word is “limited,” so you need to start considering your long-term warranty options for your new device.

Browse the Various Upsie Warranty Options

Upsie will walk you through the various options available for your specific laptop brand, model, and price point. Upsie offers insurance plans on laptops for two years or three years. Let’s look at Lenovo laptops as an example:
  • Two-year warranty for a $500-749 Lenovo laptop costs $103.99 with a $25 deductible, covering accidental spills, drops, and more.
  • Three-year warranty for a $500-749 Lenovo laptop costs $158.99 with a $25 deductible, covering accidental spills, drops, and more.

Buy Your Laptop Warranty

When you choose Upsie to help keep your laptop running smoothly, you have 60 days after you buy your new or used laptop to purchase an Upsie warranty. You can feel confident knowing that Upsie’s electronic product insurance plans receive backing from a highly rated protection plan provider for your USA-purchased product.

Enjoy the Start of Your Coverage

Your coverage starts immediately after purchase. On the 31st day after your warranty purchase date, if your laptop breaks, you can make a claim on your laptop.

Use Your Product with Confidence

It’s difficult to know if or when something will go wrong with your laptop. Enjoy using yours knowing that Upsie has you covered if something happens. Whether your laptop breaks at home, or visiting family in another state, Upsie will help locate a repair shop and schedule an appointment so you can get your laptop repaired ASAP.

File a Claim with Upsie’s Friendly Claim Service Center Team

If anything happens to your laptop, whether an accidental drop or an internal defect, call the Upsie claim service center 24/7/365. You will talk to an actual Upsie customer service representative, not a robot.

Choose the Repair Method That Works for You

Once Upsie approves your claim, choose between local and ship in repairs. If a repair is not possible on the first claim, Upsie will replace your laptop with no additional fees.
Visit Upsie today to learn more about their high-quality warranties.

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