HP Printer and Canon Printer Lineups Compared

Are you in the market for a new home or home office printer? It can be hard to tell the difference from one model or brand to the next, but there are some key factors you should take into consideration. For example, will you use it frequently in your home office, or just to print the occasional document? Do you need it to print pictures or copy and scan?
HP and Canon are two of the most popular printer brands, and while they both make good machines, they each have their strengths. Here’s an overview of their home and home office printers.

Canon Printers Strengths

In addition to printers, Canon makes high-quality cameras and photo printers, so it’s no surprise that their printers produce visually pleasing prints. Canon printers generally have the best text print quality and superior glossy photo prints. They also have faster scan and copying speeds for color and non-color pages. In addition, Canon printers have the lowest price per page, with standard prints costing 8.1 cents for standard cartridges and about 6 cents for high-yield cartridges.

Canon Home Printer Lineup

Canon has three series of printers that would be suitable for a home or home office printer:

1. imageClass

This laser printer series is one of Canon’s most expansive product lines. Some of their models are more suited for small offices and cost upwards of $500. But models like the LBP6230dw Wireless Compact printer may be perfect for someone looking for an affordable, wireless laser printer without too many bells and whistles. imageClass also has good multifunction printers for around $300 for small home offices looking for a reliable printer without too steep a price tag.


These inkjet printers are extremely affordable and perfect for someone looking for a machine they only plan on using now and then. They are single function, meaning they only print but produce great quality text. There are two affordable options between $50 and $70, the more expensive of which is wireless. There is also a wireless and portable model for about $250.


This product line is mid-range, with small business printers that cost more than $500 and home office printers that cost as low as $199.99. If you need a printer that can copy, scan, print, and maybe even fax, then a MAXIFY model may be best for you. This series also houses the MegaTank models, which use ink tanks instead of cartridges. This is better for the environment and saves you money on ink in the long run.

HP Printer Strengths

HP is a little more pricey in the cost-per-page category, with one page costing 9.2 cents from a standard cartridge and 7.2 cents from a high-yield cartridge. However, they are the best at printing graphics from a PDF, creating highly-detailed color copies, and are the quickest for printing graphics. In addition, HP has a few more low-end, affordable printer options for those who need a printer for occasional use.

HP Home Printer Lineup

HP has many models of printers, but these three are the best fit for a home office setup.

1. DeskJet

These printers are similar in price to Canon’s PIXMA but have models with a few more functions. For under $100, you can purchase a wireless HP DeskJet that can print, scan, and copy. In addition, you can get a model with mobile fax capabilities for a bit more money. These are perfect for someone looking for an all-in-one printer with standard function for a low price tag.


If you need somewhat frequent home printer use, it may be a good idea to look at an ENVY HP printer. These printers are in the range of $150 to $270, so they are decently priced and have the option to get a model that can do 2-sided prints, better photos, and more.

3. SmartTank

These are similar in concept to Canon’s MegaTank printers. They use ink bottles instead of cartridges to save you money and the environment. Most models come with ink bottles that can last up to two years in the box. The most affordable SmartTank printers start at $344.99 for a wireless printer that can print, scan, and copy. They go up in price for features like automatic document feeders and fax capabilities.

Conclusion: HP and Canon Printer Lineup

Suppose you plan on using your printer pretty frequently or want to print photos. In that case, consider paying Canon’s higher price tag for a MAXIFY or imageClass Canon printer. Buying a Canon printer will also save you money in the long run if you’ll print many documents, thanks to their low cost per page.
However, an HP DeskJet or ENVY may be the way to go if you just need a straightforward, affordable, multi-function printer. They’ll cost you less upfront but possibly more in the long run. If you want to save money on ink, you should consider the Canon MegaTank or HP’s SmartTank options.

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